Pure Greens 40' 4-Reefer Container Stack
Stacked Farms
Pure Greens 40' 11-Reefer Container Config
Central Workstation
Pure Greens 40' 6-Reefer Container Config
Scalable Operation

Running a successful vertical farming operation takes more than just growing space. You’ll need additional space for producing seedlings, final packaging and properly storing your equipment and supplies. Your employees will also need a work/monitoring station and break area. We make it simple for you to get everything you need all from one place.

At Pure Greens, you have the option to buy more than just custom container farms. We have the expertise and capability to build out full-scale complexes with multiple container farms, seedling nurseries, administrative offices, equipment storage, pump stations and more, which is necessary for your vertical farming operation’s success.



Rest assured your Pure Greens Container Farms are crafted to the highest quality standard with our unrivaled container customization expertise and capabilities. Our in-house team of engineers, certified welders, electricians, carpenters and painters have several centuries of combined experience tackling modifications from the most basic to absolute extreme. As long as it’s feasible, chances are our team has done it before or can make it happen for you.

Your vertical farming needs won’t be solved by a one-size-fits-all container farm. From your goals to crop rotation to farm location, your needs are unique from the next customer’s. We use our knowledge, expertise and customization capabilities to provide high-quality solutions for your specific needs.

Our 90,000 square foot fabrication facility and skilled staff enable us to complete all work in-house, leading to bigger projects, faster construction and lower costs. This is because outsourcing increases your chance of delays and additional costs. We’re able to create complex custom containers in-house thanks to our broad range of metal fabrication and production equipment. This equipment gives us access to extraordinary, rare components to create one-of-a-kind solutions to your container farm needs.

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