Completely Customizable!

Pure Greens Container Farms are fully assembled vertical hydroponic grow systems built in 40 ft. insulated shipping and storage containers. Pure Greens can customize our Container Farms to the user’s specifications. Each Container Farm comes with a user’s manual and a warranty for material and workmanship. Optional training is available at our location or yours!


Pure Greens Container Farms allow the user to grow in all climates. Create a farm in an urban food desert, supplement conventional farming practices during an off-season, or provide locally grown crops in a freezing climate. No need for pesticides. No need to worry about irregular weather patterns.

Recirculating Hydroponic Systems

Pure Greens Container Farms come equipped with a Recirculating Hydroponic System that provides for a very low water consumption rate. Future Container Farms will have optional roof-mounted Solar Panels for hot climate locations.


Pure Greens Container Farms are equipped with high output, low energy consuming LED lights. Our 5500K White LED bulbs produce 5100 lumens of full spectrum light. LED lighting is more sustainable than traditional fluorescent T5 bulbs, providing more light while consuming less energy.


Pure Greens Container Farms have the option of including a Vestibule which acts as a climate barrier and pest blocker. The Vestibule dramatically reduces the chance of pests and pathogens entering the grow area.

Automatized Controlled Environment

Pure Greens Container Farms include an Automated Control System that may be monitored and controlled by an App on your phone. The Control System monitors and adjusts Co2 Levels, Air Temperature, Water Temperature, Lighting Schedules, Reservoir pH, Nutrient Levels, and Humidity according to the user’s specifications.


Depending on crop type and rotation, users have the ability to harvest and deliver monthly, weekly, or daily.

Basic Requirements

Pure Greens Container Farms come turn-key and ready to begin immediate production. Here are the basic requirements to start growing produce with your own Pure Greens Container Farm.

Fresh Water Inlet

240 Volt Single Phase Power Source

Nutrients / Starter Cubes / Seeds


Container Farm Dimensions & Specifications

Pure Greens Container Farms are portable and affordable.


8’W x 9.5’H x 40’L

Energy Usage

Will vary depending upon Lighting and HVAC Usage as well as exterior climate.

Water Consumption

Approx. 5 gallons/day.

Nutrients / Seeds

$150 per month (approximately, depending on variety of crops grown).


Approx. 200 to 400 lbs/month of herbs or leafy greens, depending upon the type of crop.

Business Hours


8am - 5pm