Container Farming Video Library

Our videos page features informative short clips and longer videos that offer insight into the world of vertical farming and hydroponics.

Here, you can learn how indoor vertical farming benefits traditional farmers, grocery stores, food distributors, restaurants, nonprofit organizations, and school science programs.

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Hydroponic Farming with Our Grower

In our first Coffee Chat video, our Pure Greens grower discusses the key points of hydroponic farming, including tips for new farmers and the future of container farms.

How Water Quality
Affects Crops

How important is water quality in hydroponics? In this video, our grower explains everything you need to know about how water quality affects your hydroponics system.

Everything You Need to Know About Pesticides

Pesticides and herbicides are used in outdoor agriculture but aren’t needed inside a Pure Greens container farm. Here, we show you how to grow successfully without pesticides. 

Container Farming 101

What is a container farm, and how does it work? This short video explains the benefits of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), hydroponics and vertical farming.

Benefits of Urban Farming

Urban farming is producing high-quality crops in a city or highly populated area. In this short video, our grower explains six essential benefits of urban agriculture inside a container.

Greenhouses VS. Container Farms

What’s the difference between greenhouses and container farms? Our 10th Coffee Chat episode discusses the pros and cons of these two unique indoor growing environments.

Questions to Ask Before Starting a Container Farm

There are a lot of hydroponic systems on the market right now. In this short video, we pinpoint five common questions you should consider before starting a container farm.

A Conversation With An Agronomist

An agronomist is an expert in the science of crop production and soil management. In this video, our guest agronomist, Alberto Diaz, discusses how agriculture can be more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions About Container Farming

Here, we answer the most common questions about vertical farming, including what you can grow in a shipping container and how long it takes from seed to harvest.