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At Pure Greens, we manufacture and sell turnkey hydroponic container farms. Taisiya and Damon Jacobson founded Pure Greens in 2015. Pure Greens leads the industry in manufacturing container farms with the largest selection of interior layouts. We have designs for cultivating leafy greens, herbs, microgreens, edible flowers and more.

We’re committed to helping sustainable container farming grow on a global scale. Pure Greens is on the cutting edge of hydroponic innovations. Our team of engineers and growers works to develop new ways to make our systems more efficient and easier to operate.

Whether you need a multi-container enterprise unit for large-scale operations or want to start with a single vertical farm, we’ve got you covered.

Our Experience

Our in-house staff of container fabrication experts has more than 500 years of combined experience modifying shipping containers. That means we can provide high-quality customizations to ensure our container farms meet your specifications. We do all modifications at our 90,000-square-foot fabrication facility in Phoenix.

We have practical agricultural experience, allowing us to create products that solve problems growers encounter daily.

At Pure Greens, we are responsible for providing customers with accurate information about our systems so that we can grow sustainably in this burgeoning industry. We know that farmers are the heart of their communities and a critical component of the food chain. As traditional agriculture buckles under the weight of rising oil prices and irrigation and weather concerns, farmers need all the support they can get.

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Pure Greens Container Farms

Our hydroponic container farms allow growers to be responsible stewards of their communities. By helping reduce water usage, cut reliance on dangerous pesticides and make locally produced crops more accessible, we’re able to create a more stable food system.

Our systems conserve water by recirculating a nutrient solution so plants receive the materials they need to grow with minimal waste. Pesticides are essentially a thing of the past in our hydroponic systems, as their indoor construction makes it difficult for pests to get inside.

Farms have moved further from urban areas, distancing residents from fresh food and lowering the quality of available produce. Our hydroponic farms change that. They allow farmers to produce local crops year-round, regardless of environmental conditions. When food production is closer to consumers, it reduces food waste. It also increases availability and improves quality.

Recent advancements in vertical farming are exciting for the future of food production. Growing crops from anywhere in the world with power and water connections is a game-changer! We look forward to supporting industry growth by providing information about the latest developments in vertical farming.

Stay updated on the latest Pure Greens and indoor agriculture news with our blog. Visit our resources page for more information about hydroponics, greenhouses, container farms and more. Access our video archive for discussions about issues concerning container farmers and the growing industry.

If you have any questions, let us know how we can help you start your container farming journey with Pure Greens.