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Silverton School Project

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Silverton School students are breaking ground in agricultural education by growing lettuce in a Pure Greens container farm. Under the watchful eye of Pure Greens Head Grower Grant Gordon, the hands-on experience provides a unique opportunity for the students to learn about the intricate relationship between plants, hydroponics and the environment. The students started their grow project on April 18 as part of a visit and tour at Pure Greens.

A container farm provides a controlled environment for growing lettuce, eliminating the need for soil and pesticides. Container farming requires significantly less water than traditional farming methods, making it an environmentally friendly alternative. Additionally, the absence of pesticides means that the lettuce is free from harmful chemicals, making it safer and healthier to eat.

The students can monitor their progress week to week by viewing photos that are regularly updated in the gallery below.

Week 1 Results (April 20)

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