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Why You Should Use Stackable Hydroponic Containers For Your Urban Farm

Stackable Hydroponic Containers

Stackable hydroponic shipping containers offer many benefits for urban farmers that other solutions don’t.

In this article, you’ll learn why these farms are a great way to meet rising demand for fresh local food. 

The current food supply chain in the United States relies on importing food from across the country, or even world, before it ends up on our plates. 

As a result, the supply chain is vulnerable to disruptions and our food loses nutritional value and freshness during its long journey. 

The trendy local food movement pushes people to buy locally grown food.

But this can be difficult for people living in large urban areas, since there isn’t much (if any) farmable land available.

To make fresh local food more accessible, urban farming is becoming more and more popular. 

One of the most common ideas in urban farming, is rooftop container gardens. 

But these container gardens can’t produce enough to become a commercial operation.

That’s why companies have started vertical hydroponic farms on rooftops instead. 

However, it’s expensive for these farms to get all the construction materials to the top of a tall building.

And some buildings may not be able to support the weight of the all the hydroponic equipment that’s necessary.

Additionally, if you don’t own the building, it will be hard to get the proper permission to set up a farm.

Stackable hydroponic shipping containers, however, set up easily in small urban spaces. 

These 8-by-40-foot farms grow plants in parking lots, next to buildings, inside warehouses, and many other urban spaces! 

Plus, if you start one and decide to get another later, you don’t need to find more room on the ground for it. 

You can just place it on top of the other! 

The ability to easily increase your operation size is a great advantage of stackable hydroponic containers. 

As a result, you can increase the size of your farm in harmony with your business’s growth. 

In other words, you can start small and build up as needed, instead of starting big to begin with!

With the help of vertical farming, one of these shipping container farms yields up to 400 pounds of leafy greens a month.

Vertical farming is when plants are grown in vertical rows in addition to horizontal.

As a result, you grow more plants per square foot and get more yields per square foot.

So, you’ll definitely be able to produce enough food to start a business with. 

Plus, stackable hydroponic containers can bring farm fresh produce to areas with extreme climates.

Their strong steel structures and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) technology protect them from the elements. 

CEA creates the perfect growing conditions for your crops.

So, container farms will continue to grow food all year, even in areas with long freezing winters, or dry scorching summers. 

You can read more about how it works in our blog, “What is Controlled Environment Agriculture?”

As you can see, stackable hydroponic shipping containers are great for urban farming. 

If you or your business are interested in starting your own container farm, visit our website or call 602-753-3469 for more information.

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