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Tips for Picking a Location for Your Container Farm

When picking a location for your container farm, you’re able to grow food in areas that wouldn’t normally be used for farming.

These versatile farms can be placed in parking lots, fields, warehouses and plenty more!

But there are a few factors you need to keep in mind when picking a location for your container farm.

In this article, you’ll learn about what to look for in an area, to place your container farm.


You will need a space that is 55 feet by 12 feet, to make sure all sides of the 40-by-8-foot container farm are accessible.

Even if you’re not going to stack container farms, you need at least 14 feet of vertical space, in order to unload and move the container.

Any low hanging obstacles, like tree branches, can damage both the container farm and the equipment being used to move it.


The surface you place your container farm on, needs to support several tons worth of weight, so it needs to be sturdy.

Some sturdy surfaces to place your container farm on, include asphalt, trap rock and concrete.

When picking a location for your container farm, make sure the ground is as level as possible. It shouldn’t have more than a three-foot rise.

If the ground is not completely level, you can create one.

Railroad ties, concrete slabs and wooden beams are all suitable options for creating a level surface for a container farm.

Electrical source

Choose a location for your container farm that is near an electrical source.

Container farms need electricity to run the hydroponic systems, control and monitor the environment, run the lighting, and more.

Have your electrical source checked by an expert, to make sure all outlets and connects are up to par.

You may want to install a generator for backup energy. Especially, if your location regularly experiences power outages.

Water source

You also need to make sure your location has a water access point within 50 feet.

This is also extremely important because container farms primarily use water to grow plants!

Get your water tested to make sure it’s free of bacteria, pathogens and other harmful elements.

If you’re located in an area with subfreezing temperatures, you’ll need to insulate the water lines to prevent potential damages and ensure constant water access.

You should also install a backflow preventer between the farm’s spigot and the water line in order to prevent nutrient water from mixing with the water supply.

Pure Greens Container Farms use Growlink to control the automated farming system.

This means you need to pick a location that can be outfitted with an internet connection—if it doesn’t have one already.


Consult a lawyer and/or the local zoning office to make sure local laws allow you to place a farm in your chosen location.

Some areas have restrictions on the type of structures and businesses that are allowed to be located there.

Now that you know what to look for when picking a location for your container farm, you can start planning!

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