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Container Farms for Schools

Your Future

Students of the future want to attend schools that demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability. 69% of students entering college stated that knowing about a college’s commitment to environmental issues would be a factor in their application decisions, according to a 2023 survey by The Princeton Review. 

Container farms grow nutritious fruits and vegetables on-site, reducing the distance that produce travels to your school’s cafeteria, and shrinking food waste. In 2021, only 21% of the total food purchases by the top 50 “green colleges” were from local or organic sources. This shows that even the most environmentally sustainable schools have room to improve.

Grow Your Community with Container Farms for Schools


These farms can function as community hubs, bridging the gap between schools and local communities, and alleviating problems caused by “bubbles” that separate campuses from the communities they reside in.

STEM Skills

School container farms offer practical STEM education, allowing students to apply biology, chemistry, and environmental science for hands-on learning, nurturing critical thinking and data analysis skills for diverse agricultural careers.

Fulfill Campus Nutritional Needs

Container farms guarantee continuous access to fresh, nutritious produce for your campus community, promoting healthier eating habits among students and addressing food security, a common issue in campus areas that lack reliable transportation options.

Create Fresh Learning Opportunities

Container farms enrich education with hands-on learning, empowering students to explore agriculture, sustainability, and environmental science, irrespective of their major.

Why Choose Container Farms

customizable container farms


Whether you need seedling nurseries, rain gutters, or stairs and railings to access stacked farms, you can request personalized farms to suit your needs.

container farms are sustainable


Pure Greens Container Farms conserve up to 90% more water than traditional farming and eliminate the need for dangerous pesticides.

efficient container farms


Your container farms will be designed for high efficiency, allowing for year-round production of a wide variety of crops using as little as 160 kWh of electricity per day.

scalable options


With Pure Greens, you can connect more container farms to your existing ones later, making it easy to expand your operation to meet growing demand. 

versatile container farm options


You can grow various crops in your Pure Greens Container Farms, including leafy greens, herbs, vegetables, fruits and microgreens. 


The Pure Greens Difference

Pure Greens is a container farm manufacturer founded in 2015 after learning about the challenges of food insecurity that have separated urban communities from fresh, nutritious produce. Our mission is to revolutionize urban farming so that communities have better access to fresh, organic produce. Our container farms are built in-house by our qualified team of fabrication experts, ensuring that your farm will meet the needs of your school. 


Pre-Designed & Custom
Container Farms

At Pure Greens, we have several options available for your school’s container farm. Depending on your preferences, goals and restrictions, one system might work better for you than another. You can choose between Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Deep Flow Technique (DFT) and custom systems.

  • Pre-Designed Container Farms: These container farms come turnkey, with everything required to grow hydroponic crops effectively. 
  • Custom Container Farms: Need something unique? We’ll customize the farm with your ideal hydroponic system.

Enrich Your Classroom
with a Farm-To-School Program

It’s no surprise that schools are interested in promoting healthy living for their students, as the nation continues to struggle with an epidemic of poor eating habits that has made obesity and related health issues a growing concern. The farm-to-school movement is an innovative approach to combat this issue, aiming to connect students with fresh, locally sourced and nutritious food. While your institution might not have local farms to partner with, Pure Greens can bring the farm right to the heart of your campus. Container farms can be a valuable part of your campus’s efforts to promote a lifetime of healthy living for students. 

Develop Well-Rounded Studentswith a Grounded Curriculum

Students today are developing skills that will lead them through their professional careers. However, as more and more people move from rural areas to urban centers, there is a concerning loss of the basic cultivation skills that were known by most just a few generations ago. The STEM skills that students learn by interacting with a campus container farm empower them for their future careers, even if students never work in the agriculture industry. Here are just a few of the skills that students can learn with a container farm: 

Data Collection & Analysis Teach your students how to categorize and analyze data to recommend changes for improving plant growth. 

  • Food Handling & Safety Educate students about keeping a clean growing space, identifying biological hazards, and stopping plant illness before it affects yields.

  • Chemistry & Biology Skills Show students how chemicals inside the nutrient solution work together to develop strong, healthy plants.

  • Business Planning & Development Have students develop a strategic business plan to sell or give away their produce to the local community.

  • Critical Thinking & Scientific Research Enhance your students’ studies with curriculum focusing on research, including developing and testing hypotheses

Complete Climate Control

Control and automate your container farms’ environmental conditions using the touch screen inside the farm or remotely from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Our state-of-the-art monitoring, control and automation systems are designed and built in-house using open-source software, making them fully customizable, flexible and always without licensing fees. Control your farms’:

climate-control puregreens app

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