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  1. Ultimate Guide to Pesticides
  2. 10 Trendy Crops to Grow
  3. Center for Rural affairs
  4. Beginning Farmers 
  5. Small and mid-sized farm resources
  6. New Farmers Resources
  7. Find Farm or Ranch Land
  8. Farmland Finder
  9. Community Crops
  10. Farmaid Attra Sustainable Agriculture Program

Farm Grants and Loans

  1. How to Get a Loan or Grant to Start your Container Farm Business
  2. Loans to Help Start Your Container Farm Business
  3. USDA Grants and Loans Homepage.
  4. FSA Farm Loan Programs
  5. Farm Ownership Loans
  6. Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Loans.
  7. Funding programs for farmers
  8. Agriculture Loans
  9. Getting a farm loan with less than perfect credit
  10. Organic Farmer’s Guide to Loans

Indoor Farming

  1. How Science Helps an Indoor Farm
  2. Food Future: Why Farming is Moving Inside
  3. Everything You Need to Know About Cubic Farming
  4. How to Estimate Vertical Farming Costs
  5. Indoor Microfarming: Benefits, costs, and profits
  6. These are the Indoor Farming Results You Can Expect
  7. What is Vertical Farming?
  8. Ultimate Guide To Vertical Farming
  9. 7 steps to indoor farming
  10. The Beginner’s Guide To Indoor Farming
  11. What is Controlled Environment Agriculture?
  12. 50 Best Plants to Grow Indoors
  13. 7 Steps for Picking the Best Grow Lights
  14. 8 Indoor Farming Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making


  1. The Ultimate Guide to Hydroponics
  2. Nutrient Solution: Growing Your Plant’s Nutrients 
  3. Picking the Best Growing Medium for Your Hydroponic System 
  4. DIY Low-Tech Farming Systems 
  5. Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Hydroponic Crop Processes 
  6. How Much Do Hydroponic Systems Cost? 
  7. Top 10 Benefits of Hydroponic Farming 
  8. Bright Agrotech  
  9. Home Hydro Systems 
  10. Just4Growers 
  11. Hydroponics: A Better Way to Grow Food
  12. How Deep Flow Technique (DFT) Hydroponics Works
  13. How Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Hydroponics Works
  14. You May Be Overlooking One Key Factor in Hydroponics: Water Quality

Container Farming

  1. Ultimate Guide: What it Takes to Run a Container Farm
  2. 3 Types of Customers for Your Container Farm Business 
  3. How to Sell and Brand Your Container Farm Business 
  4. How to Start a Container Farm Business 
  5. What is an Ocean Container Farm? 
  6. The Truth Behind Container Farm Yields 
  7. Ultimate Guide to Shipping Container Farms 
  8. Considerations of Container Farming 
  9. Southwest Mobile Storage 
  10. Helpful Hints on Storage Container Permits 
  11. How to Transport a Modified Shipping Container
  12. Tips for Picking a Location for Your Container Farm

Grow Guides

  1. 6 Steps to Decide What to Grow 
  2. How to Grow Rosemary Hydroponically  
  3. Foolproof Advice for Keeping Your Basil Healthy 
  4. How to Grow Red Vein Sorrel Hydroponically 
  5. A Guide to Arizona Microgreens 
  6. Growing Microgreens 
  7. Growing Strong Seedlings  
  8. How to Grow a Ton of Onions 
  9. Flower Growing Guide 
  10. Herb Growing Guide
  11. Why Are My Basil Leaves Turning Green? And Other Basil FAQs…
  12. How to Grow Hydroponic Lettuce
  13. How to Grow Oregano Hydroponically


  1. List of agricultural Machinery
  2. Used Farm Equipment for sale
  3. Latest Farm Machinery News
  4. HTG Supply 
  5. Hydroponic Supplies
  6. Aquaponic Supplies
  7. Vertical Farming Supplies
  8. Learn the names of the equipment you need
  9. John Deere

Local Phoenix Farms

  1. 25 Local Phoenix Farms to Support
  2. Agave Farms
  3. Crooked Sky Farms
  4. Tolmachoff Farms
  5. Farmyard
  6. Citi Farms
  7. Arizona Microgreens
  8. Phonecian Farm
  9. Maya’s Farm
  10. Urban Farms
  11. Farm at South Mountain
  12. Agritopia 
  13. Mother Nature Farms
  14. Blue Sky Organic Farm
  15. Queen Creek Olive Mill
  16. Schnepf Farms

Further Education

  1. Soil pH 
  2. Vapor Pressure Deficit  
  3. USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map 
  4. Urban Farmer Curtis Stone 
  5. Maximum Yield 
  6. The Spruce 
  7. Turf Jargon: Soil Terminology from A to Z 
  8. Epic Gardening 
  9. Controlled Environment Agriculture  
  10. Daisy Creek Farms with Jag Singh
  11. The Ultimate Guide to Plant Cloning
  12. Grow Light vs. Sunlight: Is Natural Light Really Better Than Artificial?
  13. Safe Pest Control Solutions for Your Garden
  14. Seeds and Spades

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