In this article, we’ll check out some pictures from our local farmers market!

On most weekends, crowds gather to shop locally sourced and locally grown fruits, vegetables, spices and more at their local farmers market.

Pure Greens is always excited to join our fellow growers on these weekends over at Old Town Farmers Market. Old Town, is located in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ and has a wide variety of different local growers and specialty food producers.

Our expert growers at the Old Town Farmers Market in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ

Our expert growers enjoy going out, meeting new customers and farmers who gather every Saturday. As mentioned, Old Town Farmers Market offers a wide variety of organic and pesticide free produce, along with seasonal specialties, like cider and apples, flowers, natural meats, free range eggs, and local cheeses.

Why Farmers Markets are Important

As of 2019, the local farmers market industry has doubled to $20.2 billion dollars in revenue. This growth is not only bolstering support of farmers and farmers markets, but it’s also in response to consumers’ interest and demand on locally grown foods.

Food was the third ranked expense that American household’s paid in 2018, behind transportation and housing. The National Agricultural Statistics Service counted 2 million farms in the US, with 3.4 million producers working on them.

This is important, as farming contributes about $132.8 billion dollars to the economy. Farmers and farmers markets have been increasing important, especially in communities where access to healthy and nutritious foods is scarce.

How Your Container Farm Business Can Work with Farmers Markets

If you’ve just started a container farm business, then a farmer’s market is one of the best places to promote not only your crops and produce, but your container farm business as well.

Farmers markets allow you to interact with customers and other growers, so that you can learn from both groups. Customers will reveal the demands for certain crops, while growers and farmers are wells of information about the business.

Utilize both of these groups as they can give you some great tips and tricks!

If you’re thinking about starting a container farm business, we have a great guide to help you get started. If you’ve already have a container farm business, but have questions or need any assistance, give us a call at 602.753.3469 or visit our website!