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How Wineries Can Use Container Farms

Container farms make for great additions to wineries.

Not only are they functional, but they also work as an additional amenity.

In this article, you’ll learn how wineries can use a container farm on their property.

One way, wineries could use container farms, is for growing grape varieties that need special conditions to grow.

For example, pinot noir grapes are notoriously finicky.

If you’ve ever wondered why pinot noir is more expensive than other wines, you’re about to find out.

For one thing, pinot noir plants bud early in the season, so they’re typically more susceptible to frost than other varieties.

Plus, the plant prefers cooler weather, but still needs lots of sunlight.

However, too much sunshine causes its skin to shrivel and burn, ruining the flavor of the grapes.

It also doesn’t like too much rain, because water easily gets trapped between the tight clusters of grapes, causing rot and mildew.

Even if pinot noir farmers are able to keep their crop alive through the season, yields are very low.

Not only do they only result in a few small grape bunches, but as the plant ages, the yields shrink too!

Container farms are indoors and use controlled environments to grow crops.

A container farm, that’s been modified for growing grapes, is able to grow tricky varieties like pinot noir by cutting out many of the factors that often kill the crop.

For example, a container farm would be able to maintain the perfect temperature for growing pinot noir grapes and protect them from rain.

The grapes wouldn’t burn from the sun, nor freeze early in the season.

As a result, the winery could start making their own pinot noir wine, using organic grapes from their container farm.

In fact, one California-based company already started growing pinot noir varieties of grapes in its hydroponic greenhouses in 2013.

Alternatively, wineries can use container farms to grow produce for their food menus.

This would help the winery join the ever-growing local food movement, by bringing farm-to-table ingredients to the menu!

It’s also a great way to bring the quality of your winery’s food menu up a notch.

Hydroponic food that is grown onsite, tastes better and is more nutritious.

Especially when compared to days old food from across the world!

The local food movement has grown from being worth $100 million a year in 2004, to $4.8 billion, so this is a great marketing tool.

Additionally, container farms are very eco-friendly, using 90% less water and 100% less soil than traditional farming.

As a result, wineries with container farms are able to tap into the eco-tourism market, by adding a sustainable attraction.

It could offer tours, classes and tastings, to show people just how great sustainable farming is!

In sum, wineries can use container farms in a variety of ways.

For example, container farms offer an additional way to grow finicky grapes, farm-to-table ingredients and an eco-tourism attraction.

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