Growing plants indoors looks good, smells good and feels good too!

Did you know that in addition to beautifying any space, indoor plants improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being?

In this article, we’ll explore 10 positive effects growing plants indoors has on your health.

Cleaner Air

On average, Americans spend 90% of their time inside! This is why it’s so important to have clean air.

Typically, when air quality is poor it causes headaches, coughing, and sneezing, among other lousy symptoms.

Indoor plants remove toxins from the air, breaking them into byproducts used for food.

Grow your plants indoors and take a breath. Doesn’t it feel great?

Less Pain

Being around plants also lessens how much pain you feel.

Several studies have shown that patients who could see nature during painful procedures, reported less pain.

As a result, growing plants indoors is especially beneficial for those who suffer from chronic pain.

Some plants also reduce pain when consumed. Grow herbs with pain relief properties for easy access to natural remedies.

Mood Boost

Plants lead to joy too!

Growing plants indoors reduces depression and anxiety as well as improving happiness.

People who have more exposure and access to greenery are happier and experience fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Place some plants in your home or office for an instant mood boost!

Reduced Stress

If you’ve ever felt at peace in nature, you’re not alone. Natural settings have a calming effect.

Plants reduce physiological symptoms of stress, such as low energy, upset stomachs and chest pain.

Looking at plants even has a restorative effect, reversing the negative effects of stress.

As a result, plants provide much needed relaxation.

Immune Boost

Did you know illnesses drop by 60% in houses with plants?

Cleaner air and more peace lead to a good night’s rest, and deep sleep does wonders for the immune system.

People who don’t sleep well or for very long are more likely to catch colds, so it’s important to get some quality rest.

If you’re sick often, try growing plants indoors for a health boost.

Higher Productivity

If you’re ever having a hard time focusing, looking at plant can give you a fresh mind.

Indoor plants improve productivity while performing mental tasks.

In offices with plants, work performance increases and employees feel better and take fewer sick days.

Look at some greens for new inspiration, and watch how easy it is to stay motivated.

Increased Humidity

Humidity is extremely beneficial, especially for those who live in dry climates.

Humid rooms help slow the spread of viruses, reduce airborne allergies, and keep skin and hair hydrated.

When plants soak up water, they sweat it out in a process called transpiration. Transpiration adds moisture to the air, creating humidity.

Scatter flora around your home for a natural humidifier.

Aesthetic Appeal

Personalizing your home by adding an aesthetic appeal comes with its own benefits.

Certain colors, shapes and patterns make us feel more comfortable, and plants are a great way to incorporate those aspects.

Plus, not only do plants look nice and keep you happy, but they smell great too!

Add flowers and houseplants, like lavender or philodendron, to your décor for an extra special touch.

Reduced Noise

Growing plants improves your environment in other ways too.

Trees and shrubs have historically been used alongside roads to reduce noise from traffic. Recent research shows other plants reduce noise indoors too!

Leaves absorb, reflect and obstruct background noise. As a result, growing plants indoors creates quieter rooms, which are for better concentration and productivity.

Having trouble focusing in your noisy office? Bring in some leafy plants to keep those noise levels down.

Fresh Food

Not all indoor plants have to be shrubs or flowers, grow something edible too!

Growing your own food is rewarding.

Having a ripe source of herbs, fruits and veggies in your home also allows you to consume fresher produce, while reducing waste since you’re only harvesting what you need, when you need it.

Herbs like basil, grow especially easily indoors. And if your indoor garden produces more than you can use at once, start sharing with friends and family or get into canning!

Wow! Plants have a lot of great benefits.

Imagine your own growing garden packed into a small room. Wouldn’t you feel great?

If you’re interested in learning how you can grow a lot of plants in a small space, while saving water and starting a business, check out our Pure Greens Container Farms.

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