What if Goop Made a Farm?

Do you want to be like Oprah, Nicole Kidman, Martha Stewart and Yolanda Hadid?  

If you’re wondering what these fabulous women all have in common, aside from fame and luxury, it’s that they all own farms.  

Those women all know growing your own healthy food is the ultimate act of self-care for themselves and their families. 

Even Gwyneth Paltrow herself dreams of one day owning a farm.  

GP’s famed wellness company Goop believes “whole food is the cornerstone of health, and that the happiest moments of the day happen at the dinner table.” 

At Pure Greens AZ, we could not agree more!  

But it’s difficult to experience that happiness when you can’t be sure that the food, you’re eating is actually good for you. 

With the amount of repulsive chemicals that go into our food these days, how are we expected to feel like the best version of ourselves if we don’t know for a fact that we are fueling ourselves with clean healthy food? 

If you’ve been feeling tired and gross, look to what you’re eating for answers. 

Especially the produce!  

You could be injecting yourself and your family with toxic chemicals that make you feel drained and heavy.  

Or worse.  

Some common farming chemicals are even linked to serious illnesses like cancer.  

Even organic food won’t save you.  

They may have fewer traces of pesticides in them, but toxic chemicals are still found in organic foods, according to Mayo Clinic!  

This might be due to neighboring farms poisoning the air with their own pesticides. 

But, when all else fails, certified organic farms are allowed to use chemical pesticides too

That’s right, even when you buy and eat nothing but organic produce, you might STILL be exposing yourself and your family to these dangerous pesticides!  

Even the chief of USDA’s National Organic Program refuses to say whether organic food is actually healthier and safer than nonorganic.  

So why are you spending 3,4, or even 5X as much on organic produce just to be exposed to these same dangerous chemicals? 

That won’t happen when you grow your own food using a stylish Pure Greens Backyard Wellness Farm!  

When you grow your own food, you know exactly what you’re filling your body with.  

No more mysterious chemicals or shady corporations deciding what you and your family eat!  

Plus, homegrown produce has more nutrients than store bought vegetables, according to Harvard Medical School.  

You can even use a Pure Greens Backyard Wellness Farm to inspire a lifelong love of gardening in your children!  

Besides protecting your crops from dangerous chemicals, because our Pure Greens Backyard Wellness Farms are created inside of insulated shipping containers, they also keep your produce safe from pests like rats and bugs!  

Even if you did decide to start growing your own food outside without a Backyard Wellness farm, you’d have to deal with the weeds and pests yourself.  

Herbicides and pesticides are the most dangerous to those who work with them.  

Plus, you’d have to work outside, getting dirty and stinky in the sun.  

And we all know the sun damages our skin, causing aging, wrinkles and sunspots.  

Let’s face it.  

Kneeling in the dirt hunched over and covered in sweat isn’t glamorous.  

But what if I told you there’s a way you could grow your own clean, healthy food without the use of pesticides, herbicides and even soil?  

That’s right.  

With this sophisticated indoor farm, you’ll stay protected from all of the repulsive outdoor annoyances, like pests, weeds, sun damage and dirt!  

Plus, unlike traditional gardening, this refined farm allows you to grow fresh, detoxifying produce all year long. 

That way you won’t have to worry about switching back to the sketchy grocery store vegetables when the growing season ends.  

It uses special technology to replicate the perfect outdoor conditions, resulting in even better produce. 

You can even control variables like temperature and humidity from an app on your phone!   

And you’re able to harvest only what you need, when you need it, minimizing food waste just like Goop recommends.  

In fact, you can grow all of the clean, healthy produce your family needs in about 20-30 minutes a day!  

To sum it up, this glam, indoor farm is just what you need to revitalize yourself and your family in these uncertain times!  

To find out how it works, visit our website puregreensaz.com or call 602-753-3469.