Freight Farms

Pure Greens

Available Grow Space

Pure Greens has 730 sq. ft. of Grow Space.

LED Lighting

Pure Greens: Full Spectrum
Freight Farms: Red/Blue

Grow Formation

Pure Greens: Symmetrical
Freight Farms: Asymmetrical
Freight Farms uses vertical towers, which produce an off-balanced center of gravity for plant canopy and hence, asymmetrical plants.


Pure Greens: Yes
Freight Farms: No
The Vestibule helps to maintain a clean and sterile environment inside the grow area.


Pure Greens: 6 Ton
Freight Farms: 2 Ton
Pure Greens offers higher wattage lighting which must be cooled with a higher capacity HVAC Unit.

AC Ducting

Pure Greens: Yes
Freight Farms: No
Pure Greens HVAC Ducting runs the entire length of the grow area and allows for more consistent airflow throughout the Unit.


Pure Greens: ABS Plastic Flooring
Freight Farms: Astroturf
ABS Plastic Flooring is more durable, more usable and easier to clean than astroturf.


Pure Greens: Yes
Freight Farms: No
Pure Greens has the capability to fully customize Units with different lengths and interior layouts.

Air Flow (# of Fans)

Pure Greens: (10) 347 CFM Fans
Freight Farms: (2) 347 CFM Fans
Pure Greens offers much higher amounts of air flow throughout the Unit.

Local Produce

If you’re looking to provide fresh, locally sourced produce year round then Pure Greens has the solution.

Business Hours


8am - 5pm