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Why You Should Donate a Pure Greens Container Farm

Donating a Pure Greens Container Farm is a great way to give back to your community.

Container farms have many uses for improving the quality of life of people in your community.

When you donate one to a local organization, you’ll be able to give back to your community in a huge way.

In this article, you’ll learn why you should donate a Pure Greens Container Farm to give back to your community.

Later in the article, you’ll learn about a few different types of organizations that would benefit from a donated container farm.

But first, we’ll go over some of the general benefits of donating a container farm.

Benefits of Donating a Container Farm

As with most donations, when you donate a container farm to a nonprofit, you’re able to claim a tax deduction.

This is a huge financial benefit!

Additionally, donating a container farm, increases access to a safe and consistent food source.

This is especially valuable in food deserts, where there is a lack of accessible fresh healthy food.

If you donate a container farm to a food bank in a food desert, it will be able to feed fresh greens to impoverished residents, who can’t get healthy food anywhere else.

Plus, container farms are able to grow food year-round.

This is because they are indoors and use controlled environment agriculture technology to create ideal growing conditions.

So, there will be no concerns about running out of food during the winter, or periods of bad weather.

And since the food doesn’t need to be shipped in, it won’t be susceptible to supply chain disruptions.

Donating a container farm also opens up educational opportunities, like tours, which can generate additional revenue for the nonprofit.

These opportunities also make it easy to show off how easy sustainable farming is.

Container farms use 90% less water than traditional farming, don’t destroy soil and don’t use any chemical pesticides.

So, donating a container farm is also a great way to help your community go green!

Now, we’ll look at some nonprofit organizations you should donate a Pure Greens Container Farm to.

Public Schools

Public schools often don’t have the funding to start a farm-to-school program themselves.

Donating a Pure Greens Container Farm to a local public school, is a great way to help the school ensure every student has access to fresh greens.

Plus, schools can use the farm to start educational programs, that will prepare students for careers in agriculture, sustainability, business and more!

Homeless Shelters

Homeless people are often malnourished because they don’t have easy access to fresh produce.

When you donate a container farm to a homeless shelter, you’re able to help homeless people get some much-needed nutrition.

Plus, residents of the shelter can work on the farm, to build skills and experience that may help them get a job in agriculture.

Nonprofit Rehabilitation Centers

Growing plants is a great therapy tool, as it reduces stress symptoms, improves mood and lessens depression.

Plus, container farming is a great way for people in recovery, to learn a new trade and gain skills they can use to reenter the workforce.

So, when you donate a Pure Greens Container Farm to a rehabilitation center, you’ll be helping people recover and become productive members of your community.

If you donate a container farm to a local nonprofit, you have the potential to make a huge difference in your community.

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