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Why Should Country Clubs Start Vertical Farming in a Shipping Container?

From attracting new members, to saving money, vertical farming in a shipping container comes with many benefits for country clubs.

In this article, you’ll learn a few reasons why country clubs should start vertical farming in a shipping container.

Vertical farming is when crops are grown in stacked layers or towers, rather than across the ground.

As a result, vertical farming in a shipping container allows you to grow plenty of produce in much less space, than conventional farming methods.

This makes it a great way for country clubs to grow their own food.

One way vertical farming in a shipping container benefits country clubs, is by attracting new members.

More than two thirds of American consumers consider sustainability when making a purchase.

And shipping container farms are well-known for being eco-friendly!

For example, hydroponic container farms use 90% less water than traditional field farming.

Plus, they don’t require the use of chemical pesticides, which are dangerous to soil, water supplies and wildlife.

When your country club is able to advertise sustainably sourced ingredients, you’ll be able to appeal to environmentally friendly patrons to purchase a membership.

Additionally, having this eco-friendly attraction will improve your country club’s brand image.

That’s because sustainability is a very successful branding strategy.

According to Interbrand, a global brand consultancy, “incorporating sustainability as a business practice will not only increase companies’ brand value but guarantee a long life for the business.”

Plus, growing your own food in a shipping container allows you to provide first-class food to your members.

Shipping container farms have environmental controls, that make it possible to tailor the growing environment to your crops’ needs.

This makes it easy to grow rare or exotic vegetables and herbs, from anywhere on the planet!

As a result, the country club is able to use ingredients that are otherwise expensive, or have to be shipped in.

And when you grow your own food, you can harvest it only when you need it.

This lets the chefs use the freshest ingredients possible, to serve their patrons truly delicious food.

When country clubs don’t have to import their food, the produce is able to mature longer, resulting in more nutritious food.

And when your herbs and veggies have ultimate freshness and delicious flavors, it’ll elevate the quality of your dishes for a meal your guests will never forget.

As a result, your customers’ satisfaction will increase, making them more likely to keep coming back for more and recommend the club to all their friends.

Vertical farming in a shipping container, also helps your country club lower its food costs.

The farm can’t replace all of the food served by the club, but it does a great job of supplementing food that has extra costs built in.

If you’d like an easy way to start vertical farming in a shipping container, we’ve got the perfect solution.

Our Pure Greens Container Farms are fully hydroponic and come with automated systems, that allow you to control the growing environment from your smartphone.

To learn more about our container farms, or vertical farming in general, check out our website or call 602-753-3469.