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Why Hotels Should Start Hydroponic Farms ASAP

Hotels around the world have installed hydroponic farms on their property.

As a result, they’ve been able to expand hotel offerings, and in some cases, eliminate importing food altogether!

But there are more benefits of hydroponics than just those two things.

So, in this article, you’ll learn why more hotels should start their own hydroponic farms.

Hydroponic farms use nutrient rich water, instead of soil to grow plants.

Hydroponics allows hotels, and other businesses, to grow their own food without needing farmable land.

As a result, these farms are often located indoors, like in spare rooms or basements, or on rooftops.

When a hotel grows its own food, its chef is able to grow herbs and vegetables that they would otherwise have to have shipped in.

As a result, chefs can use the freshest possible ingredients without worrying about the food being wilted or old.

Plus, when food is grown onsite, it’s able to mature longer than when it needs to be shipped.

This means the food is healthier, as it’s had more time to build up nutrients.

Having a hydroponic container farm on the property also helps hotels lower their food costs.

Even if the farm can’t replace all of the food served by the hotel, it does a great job of supplementing food that has extra costs, like shipping, tied into it.

Container farms are particularly good at producing leafy vegetable and herbs, like lettuce and basil.

Attracting eco-friendly guests, is another benefit of hotels having a hydroponic farm.

More than two thirds of American consumers consider sustainability when making a purchase.

One of the biggest selling points of container farming is how eco-friendly it is.

For example, hydroponic container farms use 90% less water than traditional field farming.

Plus, they don’t require the use of chemical pesticides, which are dangerous to soil, water supplies and wildlife.

Having a container farm on the property also allows your hotel to offer tours, demonstrations and tastings for another attraction and extra revenue.

It’ll also keep your guests coming back for more!

Growing your own food with hydroponics, allows you to provide top-notch food to your guests.

When your herbs and veggies have ultimate freshness and delicious flavors, it’ll elevate the quality of your dishes for a meal your guests will never forget.

As a result, your customers’ satisfaction will be through the roof!

Additionally, adding a hydroponic farm to your hotel improves your company’s brand image.

We already mentioned that eco-friendly practices help attract new customers.

That’s because sustainability is a very successful branding strategy.

According to Interbrand, a global brand consultancy, “incorporating sustainability as a business practice will not only increase companies’ brand value but guarantee a long life for the business.”

Many hotels around the world have already started hydroponic farms.

For example, Hyatt Regency Trinidad launched a hydroponic farm in 2019.

The farm grows kale, arugula, peppermint, lemon grass, cherry tomatoes, peppers and different varieties of lettuce.

This produce is used in addition to fruits and vegetables from local farmers, eliminating the need for imported produce.

The hotel also uses ingredients from its hydroponic farm for herb and spice infused spa treatments for guests.

Some other hotels with a hydroponic farm include the Ritz-Carlton Naples in Florida, Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort in Thailand, Greenhost Boutique Hotel in Indonesia, Boar’s Head Resort in Virginia and The Nines in Oregon.

If you’d like an easy way to start a hydroponic container farm for your hotel, we’ve got the perfect solution.

Our Pure Greens Container Farms are fully hydroponic and come with automated systems that allow you to control the growing environment from your smartphone.

To learn more about our container farms, or hydroponic farming in general, check out our website or call 602-753-3469.