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Benefits of Container Farms at Senior Living Centers

Container farming is fast become the hottest trend for Senior Living Facilities. All across the world, senior living facilities are adding container farms to their facilities with amazing results. In our last article, we looked at How Container Can help Your Senior Living Facility. In this article we’re going to take a look at 5 Benefits To Container Farming For Senior Living Facility.  

Top 5 Benefits of Container Farming at Senior Centers

1. To Protect Seniors from Food Borne Illnesses

From E.coli in lettuce to Salmonella in Onions  produce can be dangerous. Especially for Seniors! But when you grow your own produce, you know it’s safe! As COVID-19 creates more problems with the food supply chain, there will be more and more outbreaks of food borne illnesses. By adding a container farm from Pure Greens you begin to protect your Seniors from food borne illnesses such as E.Coli and Listeria.  

2. To Promote Green Senior Living

Be the among the first Senior living Facilities in the US to add a container farm! While Senior Living facilities across the globe are adding container farms, the trend has not taken hold in the United States. Yet. This creates a MASSIVE opportunity for Senior Living Centers in the US to become industry leaders in Green Senior Living. When you add a container farm to your senior living center you are not just adding the ability to grow fresh, safe produce. You’re also adding an activity center, where Seniors can learn to garden. And cash in on the wide variety of benefits Seniors get from gardening such as increasing longevity and relaxation.

3. To Increase Senior Memberships

A container farm from Pure Greens will help you increase your membership and reduce churn by improving food quality, while attracting and retaining “Green” Seniors who want to feel like they are contributing to sustainability of the world as well as their own comfort. By adding a container farm to your senior living facility, you are branding your facility as “green” and opening up your center to an entirely new audience willing to pay more for a healthier experience.  

4. To Get People Talking

Being able to tell Seniors that their produce is grown on site locally is a major benefit especially as more Seniors (and their children) are becoming concerned about food sources and looking to reduce “farm to fork” time. Additionally the container farm itself when placed in a public space functions as an advertisement for your senior living center with many centers reporting a dramatic rise in walk in inquiries.

5. To Serve Better Tasting, Healthier Food

Last but not least, when you add a container farm from Pure Greens you add tasty, healthy food to your menus. Over the last few years the wellness movement in Senior Living Industry has been growing at a rapid rate. But since the pandemic, there has been an even greater need to pay attention to what your seniors eat. With a container farm, your residents know where their food came from because they helped to grow it. And the best part is you can grow produce year round regardless of weather!

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