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What is an Ocean Container Farm?

What is an ocean container farm? If you’re interested in urban farming or locally grown food, you’ve probably already heard an ocean container farm. But you might not be sure exactly what a container farm is, or why they are important? In this article, we are going to explain what an ocean container farm is and why they are an idea worth paying attention to.

Let’s start with a definition: An ocean container farm is a repurposed ISO refrigerated ocean shipping container, which is used for creating a hydroponic or aeroponic environment, within the unit, to grow leafy greens, microgreens, and herbs.

Now that you know what a container farm is, let’s look at some of the benefits of using them to grow locally sourced food!

The 6 Benefits of Growing Crops Using an Ocean Container Farm:

1. Container farms allows the user to grow crops in any climate. Using a container farm, you can create a farm in an urban food desert, supplement conventional farming practices during an off-season or provide locally grown crops in a freezing climate!

2. Turn-key Growing. When you use an ocean container farm system like the ones we create at Pure Greens, you get everything you need to start growing in one place for one price. No assembly or engineering required!

3. No need to worry about irregular weather patterns. Erratic weather patterns can destroy up to 50% of harvests as has been recently seen in Central America! With an ocean container farm, you never have to worry about forecasted rain, droughts or any other strange weather.

4. Ocean container farms let you block out most pests! Because you are growing your crops in a controlled environment you don’t need to be concerned about running into the issue of pests and having your harvest ruined! This means you don’t have to use heavy-duty pesticides like Roundup which has been linked to cancer. With a container farm, you can use all-natural pesticides creating healthier food for you and the community!

5. Automatically control your grow environment from your phone! With an ocean container farm, you can control and adjust Co2 Levels, Air Temperature, Water Temperature, Lighting Schedules, Reservoir pH, Nutrient Levels, and Humidity to your specifications. All with a few touches of your phone!

6. Harvest up to 400 lbs. a month of leafy greens or herbs! Container farms can create monthly, weekly or even daily harvests. Depending on the type of crop planted you should expect approximately 200–400 lbs. of herbs or leafy greens per month!

In conclusion, an ocean container farm is a repurposed ISO refrigerated ocean-shipping container, which installed with a hydroponic or aeroponic environment for growing leafy greens, microgreens and herbs.

Container farms offer the ability to grow crops in any environment. Start growing right away with a turn-key system, avoid the loss of crops usually associated with irregular weather patterns, block out pests, automatically control your growing environment and harvest up to 400lbs a month of leafy greens!

To learn more about container farms, head over to our website to get more information and request a quote.