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Exploring Hydroponics: Silverton High School’s Visit to Pure Greens

In an effort to expand their knowledge about sustainable farming practices and witness firsthand how hydroponics is changing agriculture, the students at Silverton High School embarked on an exciting field trip to the Pure Greens Container Farms facility. The hydroponic school tour promised to be an enriching experience, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

The Class Visit

At Pure Greens, the students were treated to a well-rounded itinerary that showcased the various aspects of hydroponic farming and its impact on modern agriculture. The students attended various lectures and activities that gave them a better understanding of the work Pure Greens does and why container farms have become an important part of global agriculture.

The Site Tour

The highlight of the hydroponic school tour was undoubtedly the tour of Pure Greens’ cutting-edge facilities. The students toured our nursery and fleet of container farms. They also got a glimpse of the extensive fabrication facilities where we build containers.

Stepping inside our container farms, the students were immediately met with rows of lush, vibrant greens – all thriving without a speck of soil. Our head grower explained how hydroponics, the art of growing plants without traditional soil, allowed for efficient resource usage and year-round cultivation.

Hydroponics Video Presentation

To give the students a comprehensive understanding of the need for hydroponics, a captivating video presentation was shown. The video depicted the challenges of conventional agriculture, such as land limitations, water scarcity, and a heavy reliance on pesticides.

In contrast, students learned that hydroponics offered a sustainable and viable solution by conserving water, using less space and producing healthier crops without harmful chemicals.

Students watching an informative video about what to expect from a hydroponic school tour.
Students of all stripes can benefit from a hydroponic school tour. Nothing beats hands-on experience, and students tend to be more curious about healthy produce when they have a hand in cultivating it.

Educational Game

Learning doesn’t always have to be serious; sometimes, it can be fun too! We prepared an educational game for the students. This reinforced the key principles of hydroponic farming in an engaging and interactive manner.

Students played as farmers tasked with growing their first harvest. The game had three rounds, each representing a stage of agriculture production where crop losses occur. Each crop loss event would take points away from students, demonstrating just how devastating crop loss can be. Students answered questions addressed during the site tour and educational video, receiving points for correct answers.

The game sparked excitement and friendly competition among the students as they demonstrated their newfound knowledge of various hydroponic topics.

Hydroponic Lettuce Project

The actual hands-on experience came with the hydroponic lettuce project. After dividing into small groups, the students participated in growing hydroponic lettuce.

Planting Process

Before the students arrived, our head grower prepared seeds and cultivated them. By the time the students arrived, each seed had sprouted into small, delicate sprouts. These sprouts were ready to be transported to grow trays.

Putting Sprouts into Trays

Once the sprouts had matured sufficiently, the class visitors carefully transferred them into designated trays. This step marked a crucial milestone in the growth cycle, as the lettuce would now continue its development under controlled conditions inside our container farm.

Students plant seedlings on a hydroponic school tour.
Schools can utilize containers farms on-site, providing fresh produce for the cafeteria while helping students develop STEM skills that will serve them well later in their professional careers.

Grow Cycle

Our grower monitored the lettuce’s progress throughout its growth cycle. Though our website, we provided regular updates to the class on our Silverton project page.

Week 2 – Sprouts

During the second week, the sprouts transformed into more recognizable lettuce plants, and their growth was nothing short of astonishing. In just one week, the student’s lettuce had doubled in height!

Week 5 – Compact and Full

By week five, the lettuce plants had grown remarkably compact and full. They exhibited the traits that make hydroponics so attractive to modern farmers: thick and vibrant plant leaves, brilliant green coloration and a crispy, healthy texture.

Week 7 – Harvest

The culmination of the hydroponic lettuce project was the long-awaited harvest. The students couldn’t make their way back to the Pure Greens headquarters as they were on summer break. However, they could still see the final result of the seeds they had planted weeks ago.


Following seven weeks of growth, the results of the student’s plants were impressive. The largest harvest weighed in at 8.4 ounces, while the average yield per student was a commendable 5.1 ounces. The students were delighted to witness the tangible outcomes of their efforts and were left inspired by the potential of hydroponic farming.

Students listen to a lecture in a container farm.
A hydroponic school tour of Pure Greens Container Farms can give students a hands-on learning experience to develop chemistry and plant biology knowledge.

Visit Pure Greens: Interactive Hydroponic School Tour

We are thrilled to invite you and your students to embark on a hydroponic school tour into the world of sustainable agriculture at the our headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Agriculture faces unprecedented challenges such as climate change and increased demand for food security. Because of this, it has become imperative to introduce the younger generation to innovative and sustainable farming practices.

Our container farms offer a unique educational experience that will inspire, engage, and empower students. Here are four benefits of an educational visit to our headquarters:

1. Immersive Learning

At Pure Greens, we believe in learning by doing. Our immersive tours allow students to see each step of the vertical farming process, from seed planting to harvesting. By engaging in hands-on activities, such as planting crops and monitoring growth parameters, students understand the intricate relationship between plants, technology and the environment.

2. Sustainable Solutions

Our container farms operate with cutting-edge technology that maximizes resource efficiency. Through advanced hydroponic and aeroponic systems, we use up to 90% less water than traditional agriculture. This makes our systems a powerful example of eco-friendly farming. Because of this, educators will have an opportunity to discuss sustainable practices, the importance of conserving natural resources, and the role of technology in building a more sustainable future.

3. STEM Integration

The Pure Greens hydroponic school tour offers a perfect platform for integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) concepts into real-world applications. From understanding the biology of plants to exploring the mechanics of automated farming, students will witness the practical implications of their classroom learning, fostering a deeper appreciation for STEM disciplines.

4. Inspiring Careers

Agriculture has evolved far beyond conventional farming. A hydroponic school tour to our headquarters will expose students to a myriad of career opportunities in agriculture, data science, engineering, and sustainability. Witnessing our skilled team in action will inspire students to consider careers in areas that are actively contributing to positive global change.

Don’t miss the chance to equip your students with the knowledge and passion for sustainable agriculture. Schedule a visit to the Pure Green Container Farm headquarters and join us in cultivating a greener future for generations to come.

Contact us today if your school is interested in learning more about the future of agriculture with a hydroponic school tour.