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How Shipping Container Greenhouses Attract New Residents for Senior Living Communities

One of the best benefits of shipping container greenhouses, is how well they attract new patrons for businesses — especially senior living communities!

These greenhouses are indoor farms made out of shipping containers.

They use hydroponics to grow leafy greens with water, instead of soil, making it easy to produce hundreds of pounds of food each month.

In this article, you’ll learn how adding shipping container greenhouses to your senior living community will help you attract new residents.

Enters the Local Food Movement

When you add shipping container greenhouses to your senior living community, you’re able to provide farm fresh food to your residents from the property.

You can’t get any more local than that!

Joining the local food movement is a great way to attract more residents.

In fact, buying local is a top priority for 46% of American consumers, according to a recent Nielsen study.

Improves Your Sustainability

Because these greenhouses use hydroponics to grow crops, they’re very sustainable.

Sustainability is a huge draw, as more than two thirds of American consumers consider sustainability when making a purchase.

Plus, they’re willing to pay more for it.

So, becoming sustainable makes seniors more likely to choose your community!

Provides Premium Quality Food

Having shipping container greenhouses means you’re able to grow rare herbs and vegetables that would otherwise be too expensive to import.

Plus, your chefs will be able to use the freshest ingredients possible, without worrying about the food wilting or going bad.

And when food is grown onsite, it’s able to mature longer than when it needs to be shipped, making it more nutritious.

As a result, your food will be premium quality, helping you attract and keep residents easily.

Offers Gardening Activities

When you’re retired, finding productive ways to spend your time can be hard.

Shipping container greenhouses give you the opportunity to offer more classes and activities to your residents, to help them stay active.

Hobbies are important for seniors, because it keeps them active, reduces depression, and helps them make new friends.

These qualities will put your community in high demand!

Provides Garden Therapy

Gardening activities come with a number of mental health perks, that will help you attract new residents too.

Horticultural therapy is often used to rehabilitate lost skills, improve memory, improve coordination and balance, lessen stress and build social interaction.

Taking care of plants, gives seniors a greater sense of control, which leads to feelings of independence and accomplishment.

Plus, it improves concentration, attention span, memory and awareness too!

Promotes Health and Wellness

Senior living communities are moving more and more toward emphasizing wellness over care, according to a survey by the International Council on Active Aging.

And shipping container greenhouses helps you stay with this trend, in order to secure new residents.

Not only do the greenhouses provide healthy food for your residents, but it also gives them an outlet for light physical activity.

This could help decrease the risk of dementia!

Offers a Luxury Amenity

Finally, you’ll be able to attract new residents to your senior living community, because you’ll have something no other community in the United States has.

Shipping container greenhouses are still a fairly recent innovation and even though they’ve become popular in other industries, the senior living market is still up for grabs.

With your top-of-the-line amenity, you’ll truly be able to market your community as one of a kind.

So, thanks to the numerous health benefits, high quality food and additional offerings, your luxurious new amenity will easily attract new residents.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways shipping container greenhouses will help you attract new residents.

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