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How Predesigned Container Farms Offer Growers Turnkey Farming Solutions

If you’re someone who’s curious about the future of agriculture, hydroponics presents the next frontier. However, there’s a lot to know when it comes to hydroponics.

It might help to have a turnkey solution that’s assembled for use before you ever step inside, so you can focus on learning as much as you can about this impressive new agricultural technology.

With Pure Greens, we make it easy with pre-designed container farms. These systems arrive ready to use and are equipped with all the components necessary for successful hydroponic farming.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of pre-designed container farms, why we use shipping containers to house our hydroponic systems, and the types of systems we offer.

Why Do We Put Hydroponic Systems inside Shipping Containers?

Hydroponics, a soilless farming technique that delivers nutrients directly to plants’ roots through a water-based solution, has proven to be remarkably efficient in resource utilization compared to traditional soil-based farming.

Pairing hydroponics with repurposed shipping containers provides a controlled environment that eliminates dependency on external factors like weather and soil quality.

One of the primary reasons for utilizing shipping containers is their versatility and mobility. You can place these containers anywhere with a power connection – vacant city lots, rooftops or even in the heart of urban areas. The enclosed space of a container allows for precise control over temperature, humidity and light, creating an optimal environment for plant growth.

By converting containers into hydroponic systems, we maximize space efficiency, reduce water usage, and enable year-round crop cultivation. This makes pre-designed container farms an ideal solution for farming in both urban and remote areas.

A pepper plant growing in a pre-designed container farm.
With predesigned container farms, you get a turnkey container farm that can start producing a variety of plants from anywhere with a stable power connection, even in challenging climates.

What Are the Benefits of Predesigned Container Farms?

Space Efficiency

The confined space of a shipping container encourages vertical farming, with plants stacked in layers using racks or shelves. This significantly increases the growing area without consuming additional land.

Resource Conservation

Hydroponics inherently uses less water compared to traditional farming methods since water is recirculated within the system. Additionally, nutrient solutions are precisely delivered to plants, reducing the need for excessive fertilizer use.

Climate Control

Container farms provide a controlled environment, shielding plants from extreme weather conditions, pests and diseases. This environment leads to faster growth rates and higher yields.

Year-Round Cultivation

Container farms are not subject to seasonal changes, allowing farmers to cultivate crops continuously regardless of external climate conditions.

No Harmful Pesticides

Container farms make it easier for growers to control harmful plant pests. The reduced reliance on harmful pesticides in container farms contributes to restoring natural ecosystems by alleviating the pressure of intensive agriculture.

Additionally, the absence of harmful chemical residues on crops enhances the nutritional quality of produce, making it healthier and safer for human consumption.

Reduced Food Miles

Placing container farms in urban areas reduces the distance food needs to travel from farm to table, promoting local and sustainable consumption.

Did you know that lettuce travels an incredible average of 2,055 miles (about twice the distance from Florida to New York City) before reaching a grocery store? Container farms cut that distance by bringing local growers and consumers closer together.

Graphic showing the average distances harvested crops must travel before reaching a grocery store.
Grapes travel an incredible average of 2,143 miles between their harvesting location and a grocery store.

Types of Growing Systems

At Pure Greens, we have a variety of growing systems available to suit your preferences. From NFT systems to DFT systems, your predesigned container farm will be ready to start producing rows of fresh vegetables and leafy greens from day one.


The Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) is a precise hydroponic system that employs active nutrient recovery. In this method, a steady but minimal stream of nutrient-rich water flows through the channels of the system.

The key advantage of this system is that it ensures an even distribution of nutrients to the plants. The channels are slightly tilted and they receive a steady flow of nutrient solution. The system gets its name from the thin “film” of flowing nutrient solution.

In addition to this, the gently flowing nutrient solution is continuously replenished and recycled, providing plants with a constant supply of essential nutrients. This precision in nutrient delivery is especially beneficial for commercial-scale operations, where crop consistency and yield are paramount.


In contrast to the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), the Deep Flow Technique (DFT) takes a somewhat different approach to hydroponics. This system submerges the roots entirely, while the rest of the plant sits above the water line on a floating raft. Air stones are used to maintain optimal root health, aerating the nutrient solution continuously and preventing conditions like root rot that might otherwise occur in stagnant water.

The Deep Flow Technique (DFT) offers a unique way of delivering nutrients to plants, ensuring that the roots have direct access to the nutrient solution. By suspending the plant above the water, this system enables an efficient exchange of gases between the root zone and the surrounding air.

As a result, plants receive ample oxygen, which is crucial for proper root development and nutrient uptake. Air stones facilitate the oxygenation process by creating bubbles in the nutrient solution, maintaining a healthy root system.

The Deep Flow Technique is a versatile hydroponic system that offers growers an efficient, disease-resistant, and space-saving way to cultivate a wide range of crops, making it a valuable tool in the arsenal of modern agriculture.

A bed of strawberry plants growing in a pre-designed container farm.
Predesigned container farms can have a variety of layouts, from full grow units that optimize the amount of interior growing space to split grow units that give you space for packaging and cleaning your harvested crops.

Choosing a Layout for Predesigned Container Farms

We offer a variety of layouts for different growing objectives. This determines the size and number of rooms inside your container farm.

  1. 40’ Full Grow
    1. This container is our most popular with customers that want to maximize their yields. It uses nearly the entire container for growing space, which enables growers to make full use of the climate-controlled area inside.
  2. 40’ Split Grow
    1. Want some more flexibility with how you use the container space? No worries, this option allows you to separate a portion of the farm for workspace use, separated by a partition wall. Growers use that space as a nursery for seedlings or as storage for seeds, grow media and more.
  3. 20’ Full Grow
    1. Need a smaller grow space, or want to position your farm in a compact space? This half-size container might be the pick for you. These containers may be better for growers on a smaller budget, offering reduced growing space for a cheaper price.

Add-on Options

Additional options make your container farm more useful and convenient, helping you customize the space to meet your farm’s unique needs.

Here are just a few of the most common add-ons we provide:

  • Alternate Grow Lights
  • Washing Stations
  • Custom Workstations
  • Extra Automation
  • Second Reservoir
  • Vestibule

Curious about adding something not on this list? You might be interested in looking into a custom-built container farm. Whether it’s for a special farming use, a private installation, a restaurant or a research study, our fabrication team can add just about anything you can think of.

Get a Quote on Predesigned Container Farms

Want to learn more about how you can buy a pre-designed container farm? We can help you throughout the entire process, providing you with the information you need to make the best decisions for your hydroponic operations. Contact us today and we can discuss the options we have available.


By combining hydroponics with the convenience and adaptability of shipping containers, container farms offer a glimpse into the future of agriculture. They represent a feasible solution to the challenges of urbanization, extended supply chains and food security.

Whether you’re an aspiring farmer, an entrepreneur or simply an advocate for sustainable cultivation practices, the world of predesigned container farms invites you to explore a greener, more efficient way of growing food.

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