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Are Fish and Produce Container Farms the Next Dynamic Duo?

Storage containers are already used to farm produce, but now they’re being used as indoor fish farms too!

Shipping containers allow for innovative, sustainable farming, in even the most barren, industrial, and urban environments.

The benefits of cultivating crops, in repurposed shipping containers, is well documented.

Just look at our Pure Greens Container Farms for evidence!

But growing crops isn’t the only way to use shipping containers for farming.

That’s right.

In addition to produce, you can also farm fish inside of shipping containers!

Farming both fish and produce with shipping containers, becomes easier and more sustainable, as new technology develops.

Like our Pure Greens Container Farms, indoor fish farms are often environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional farming methods.

For example, indoor fish farms recirculate water through the system.

As a result, they use less water and produce less waste.

Container farms’ hydroponic systems do the same!

One big con for traditional fish farming is the potential for disease to start in the farm and spread to other fish and marine wildlife.

But when fish are raised in isolated containers, diseases can’t be passed on to other populations because they aren’t sharing the same water.

Another benefit of farming in shipping containers, is protection from the outside elements.

The same way container farms protect crops from damaging weather, they protect fish from water pollution and natural disasters.

It also gives you the opportunity to control every element that affects your fish.

This way, you ensure your fish are healthy and safe to eat, as they aren’t consuming toxic chemicals, exposed to pollution, or injected with steroids.

As a result, you have a huge marketing tool at your disposal.

Plus, farming fish in shipping containers, comes with the opportunity to fill gaps in market demand.

These aquaculture container farms, allow you to raise and sell fish in even the most landlocked locations.

And since most fish in America is imported, you can provide local chefs and markets with something other local sellers can’t: Fresh affordable fish.

Sushi chefs could even “grow” their own fish from the parking lot of their restaurant!

Container farms have great potential for humanitarian use as well.

The power of container produce and fish farms together, could provide food for impoverished populations living.

Container farms, can be shipped around the world and set up in locations where farms traditionally wouldn’t be possible.

Both rural parts of the world, where agriculture is hard to sustain and urban food deserts would benefit from container farms.

Our Pure Greens Container Farms could provide people with much-needed veggies, while the fish container farms add light protein to their diets.

The two types of container farm complement each other so well, the waste from the fish farm can even be used to fertilize produce.

When fish and produce are farmed together, it’s called aquaponics.

Aquaponics is a method of farming that relies on a mutually beneficial relationship between fish and produce.

Basically, fish produce waste in the water they live in.

The wastewater is fed to plants, which consume the waste as fertilizer, purifying the water as a result.

The purified water is then put back into the fish tanks and the process starts over again.

While aquaponics isn’t possible within one container farm (yet), combining the two is certainly worth a try.

If you’re interested in learning more about using shipping containers to farm, visit our website or call 602-753-3469 for more information.