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Farming Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Instagram has more than 1 billion active accounts, so it’s no wonder why finding quality accounts to follow can be difficult. That’s why we did it for you. Our list of 30 farming Instagram accounts will inspire, entertain and educate you on various aspects of farm life. With this list, you’ll find all sorts of farming content. In this blog, you’ll find exciting farming Instagram accounts that publish quality farming posts that we think you’ll value.

30 Farming Instagram Accounts to Follow

If someone stands out to you, be sure to give them a follow!

farming instagram influencer agricultureworld

1. Agriculture World, @agricultureworld

Agriculture World reposts submissions from other users, allowing its large audience to contribute material to the account. This account’s photos mostly feature commercial farming equipment, like tractors. However, it also occasionally posts cute close-ups of animals, including calves and dogs.

2. FarmHer, @farmher1

FarmHer is an Instagram account that shares the stories of women working in agriculture. It typically features different female farmers but also showcases the work of other women across the agriculture industry. From livestock veterinarians to traveling restaurant owners, FarmHer finds intriguing and empowering stories that delight and uplift its audience.

farming instagram influencer freshairfarmer

3. Andrew Campbell, @freshairfarmer

Andrew’s bio says it best, “Milking cows, growing grain & raising kids.” He and his family own and operate a dairy and grain farm, and he uses his IG account to depict his daily life, using captions to add context to his photos and videos. Andrew posts videos and photos of farm products, farming processes and babies, both human and animal.

farming instagram influencer thefarmerslife

4. Brian Scott, @thefarmerslife

Brian and his family live on a farm in Indiana where they grow corn, popcorn, wheat and soybeans. He uses his Instagram account to share his daily life as a farmer. This often includes posting updates of the farm and pictures of equipment, fields and close-up nature shots. Plus, he occasionally offers a glimpse into his personal life with pictures of his two young sons.

5. Curtis Stone, @fromthefieldTV

Curtis owns and operates a small urban farm in Canada. He also frequently travels to offer farming consultant services and interview other urban farmers for his successful YouTube Channel. He uses his Instagram to give his followers motivational advice about farming and share progress updates from the farm.

6. Humans of Agriculture, @humansofagriculture

The Humans of Agriculture page features stories from the people who spend their days growing the food we eat. Forget boring, uninspiring farming content; Humans of Agriculture cuts to the heart of what makes farmers essential to the communities they serve.

Humans of Agriculture shows the importance of the agriculture industry and presents powerful stories in creative and unique ways. While the account’s owners live in Australia, they feature people from all walks of life.

7. Epic Gardening, @epicgardening

Epic Gardening, run by Kevin Espiritu, is the official page for the YouTube channel of the same name. This farming Instagram account is full of photos with motivational captions and helpful growing advice. Kevin posts short videos breaking down various topics that might interest you, including plant care, hardiness zones and tool tips.

8. Fanny, @fansinthegarden

Fanny runs an urban container garden in Southern California. Her Instagram page is full of beautiful close-up shots of her plants and produce, with captions that update her followers on their development. She grows a variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

9. Smarter By Nature LLC, @smarterbynature

Angelique Taylor and David “Kip” Ritchey run the Smarter By Nature account and manage a farming business with the same name. The two discuss creating a sustainable farm that can stabilize natural environments. Incredibly, they only use hand tools, which shows their devotion to farming in harmony with the natural world. The variety of content is truly remarkable. From growing advice to plant-related freestyle raps, the Smarter By Nature account produces informative and entertaining content that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

farming instagram influencer

10. Farming UK,

Farming UK is a website that shares farming news from across the United Kingdom. The page’s content is comprised of reposted photos and videos from submissions, sharing farming experiences from across the UK. It primarily focuses on sharing pictures of adorable children and farm animals, like newborn sheep.

11. Zoe Kent, @farmwithzoe

Zoe Kent is a farmer who shares her experiences growing on a farm in Ohio. The farm has been in her family for over eight generations, and in addition to showcasing her farming activities, she posts content about farm machines and the cattle she cares for. Check out Zoe if you’re interested in lighthearted content related to farm life.

12. Fendt,

Fendt is a major manufacturer of tractors and other agricultural machines. The German company is hugely popular with farmers around the world. Its Instagram account posts behind-the-scenes looks at exciting new product launches, promotional videos, and company news. Plus, even though the company is German, all captions are in English.

farming instagram influencer trueharvestfarms

13. True Harvest Farms, @trueharvestfarms

This account is run by a hydroponic farming operation in Belton, Texas. True Harvest Farms grows crops without pesticide or soil, instead growing them hydroponically. It shares photos of its hydroponic facility and shows how hydroponic crops can be sold to restaurants and grocery stores. True Harvest Farms also shares recipes that you can use with their fresh leafy greens.

14. Humans Who Grow Food, @humanswhogrowfood

Humans Who Grow Food shares agricultural stories of farmers and gardening communities across the world. Each post is a compilation of photos of a person, or group of people, alongside their freshly grown produce. Then, a long caption for the photos explains the background and farming experiences of the person featured in the post. Too often, farmers feel unheard and underappreciated by people who don’t understand the profession. This account wants to rectify that and spread farmer’s stories to inform the public.

15. Whitney Larson, @farmwifeguru

Whitney Larson, who hosts the Midwest Farm Wives Podcast, operates an Ag business in Western Kansas with her husband. While she doesn’t have a family history filled with farmers, she’s passionate about what she does and is eager to empower other women in agriculture. Uplifting and bright, Larson’s Instagram doesn’t shy away from the difficulties of farming but always provides a hopeful mindset that sees the best in everything.

16. Meredith Bernard, @thisfarmwife

Meredith and her family live and work on a cattle farm in North Carolina. Her photos provide an inside look into what it’s like to live on a farm, including nature shots, animal selfies and homecooked meals. She also has a YouTube channel where she uploads video blogs about her life on the farm.

17. Mike Dickson, @the_fit_farmer_

Mike is a former bodybuilder turned farmer. His page consists mostly of selfies, posing with fresh produce from his farm. The captions below each post are frequently used to give fun facts or daily inspiration for farmers and nonfarmers alike. As a health coach, he also posts health tips as photo captions and to his Instagram story.

18. MN Millennial Farmer, @mnmillennialfarmer

The Millennial Farmer posts frequent inside looks at a commercial farm, including photos and videos of machinery in action. He also has a YouTube channel with a huge following of more than half a million subscribers. While following his Instagram, you’ll see the occasional family photo and promotion for his channel.

farming instagram influencer nationalffa

19. National FFA Organization, @nationalFFA

The National FFA Organization, also known as Future Farmers of America, is an American nonprofit that prepares youth for careers in agriculture. The official Instagram account for the FFA posts videos and pictures featuring short interviews and biographies from members of the organization, sharing their experiences growing and cultivating. It also shares inspirational advice for aspiring farmers and foundation news.

farming instagram influencer greendreamstv

20. Pete Kanaris, @greendreamsTV

Pete is a Floridian farmer who highlights his 12-acre farm and other small farms across the state. He often features exotic crops that grow well in Florida’s humid climate, pairing beautiful close-ups with fun facts about the crop depicted. Additionally, he posts videos depicting a day in the life of a farmer, showing an inside perspective into small, urban farms.

21. Rob Greenfield, @robjgreenfield

Rob is an activist and humanitarian who focuses on sustainable living. His photos often show him in nature, promoting “living off the land” ideals. He also frequently features other small-scale farmers with extended captions detailing why and how they inspire him.

He has been featured in TED Talks, by People magazine, Buzzfeed and many other publications. Follow Rob, and you’re sure to smile just as much as he does when he explains how he lives a sustainable lifestyle.

farming instagram influencer generalhydroponics

22. General Hydroponics, @generalhydroponics

General Hydroponics is a company that provides several types of hydroponic products. It posts about how hydroponic growers can utilize things like nutrient solutions and growing media. It also provides helpful advice and suggests products that might help hydroponic growers grow healthier and more nutritious plants. If you want to experiment with hydroponics, this account is essential.

farming instagram influencer usdagov

23. USDA, @usdagov

This is the official account for the US Department of Agriculture. The account posts educational photos and video content about various types of farming and nutrition. It also shares information on various agriculture events and news to keep its followers up to date.

24. Successful Farming Magazine, @successful_farming

The official Instagram account for Successful Farming Magazine mostly reposts submissions from other users. Additionally, its photos include promotions for the magazine or content related to features it has published. Follow Successful Farming for special looks at special events, farms, nature and animals.

farming instagram influencer amhydro

25. American Hydroponics, @amhydro

American Hydroponics offers an inside look into everything involved in hydroponic production. From demonstrating how grow trays deliver nutrient solution directly to the roots of growing plants to showing the process of transplanting seedlings, you can find a wide breadth of content. If you’re interested in hydroponics, American Hydroponics is a great resource to see what the practice looks like.

farming instagram influencer theknottygarden

26. Erin Berkyto, @theknottygarden

Erin’s Instagram account shares her beautiful garden with the world. She posts helpful content that farmers of all stripes will value. Erin has posted about recommended companion crops to plant together, how to stop plants from bolting, and how to deal with aphids (Her solution might surprise you!) She has a clear passion for farming that’s infectious. I dare you to look through Erin’s posts. I’m sure you’ll emerge with a desire to start your own garden.

27. Victoria, @farmmarketingmentor

Many of the accounts on this list have focused on the cultivation side of farming. But as any farmer knows, growing crops is only part of the job description.
A successful farmer needs a strong business plan. To develop a customer base for their farm, they’ll need to do some marketing.

Victoria’s account focuses on this overlooked aspect of the profession. She’s a first-generation farmer and offers marketing courses in addition to the free content she posts on Instagram. This account is packed with helpful information condensed into bite-sized reels and slides, helping you learn more about farm marketing just by swiping!

28. Agritecture, @agritecture

Agritecture posts global news content that updates its audience with the latest information related to farming. While primarily focused on hydroponic production, Agritecture covers a wide variety of content on its page. Posts highlight urban farms, the growing influence of robotics in the profession, and how to optimize controlled environment agriculture (CAE). If you’re interested in receiving the latest in agricultural innovation, give the Agritecture page a follow.

farming instagram influencer sowrightseeds

29. Sow Right Seeds, @sowrightseeds

Sow Right Seeds provides growing advice for home gardeners. Daryl and Patty, the owners of the account, generously help new gardeners establish their own projects. The Sow Right Seeds account promotes community gardens around the United States, highlighting the work farmers across the country do to create gardens that connect people with fresh produce.

In addition to providing advice, Sow Right Seeds donates seeds to charitable organizations that grow produce for food-insecure communities. If you’re interested in starting a home or community garden, Sow Right Seeds is an essential account that will help you on your journey.

farming instagram influencer puregreensllcaz

30. Pure Greens Container Farms, @puregreensllcaz

Hey, that’s us! Pure Greens manufactures and sells container farms, which house hydroponic farms inside a secure and climate-controlled shipping container shell. Our Instagram page posts about vertical farming, different hydroponic methods, precision agriculture and more.

In addition to our Instagram page, you might be interested in reading additional content from our blog. We post blogs regularly describing the benefits of container farms and how growing hydroponic crops can save water and grow nutrient-rich produce like you’ve never tasted before.

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If you’re looking to delve into the captivating world of farming, Instagram is the perfect platform to find inspiration, guidance, and a sense of community. By following these 30 Instagram farming accounts, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, accompanied by stunning visuals that showcase the beauty of agriculture and sustainable living.

Whether you’re an aspiring farmer, a backyard gardener, someone curious about hydroponics or simply an admirer of nature’s wonders, these influencers offer diverse perspectives that cater to your agricultural interests. By connecting with these individuals, you’ll gain valuable tips and tricks to elevate your farming journey. So go ahead, hit that “Follow” button, and find your online agriculture community. Happy farming!