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Who is a 20ft Container Farm For?

Pure Greens Container Farms use compact hydroponics to grow organic, nutrient-rich produce in any climate. While we also offer larger systems, our 20ft container farms give growers the controlled environment that hydroponic plants desire, with lower operational costs.

In this blog, we’ll look at the benefits of compact hydroponics systems, focusing specifically on our 20ft units. We’ll discuss the specific plant varieties that grow best in compact systems and provide general growing advice for hydroponic growers working with smaller systems.

What Are the Benefits of a 20ft Container Farm Compared to Larger Systems?

Compact container farms have several benefits when compared to larger systems.

Even with a smaller growing area, there are several advantages that may demonstrate the value 20ft container farms will provide you. Here’s just a few:

A Stable Growing Environment

Compact hydroponics systems offer a well-balanced growing environment for hydroponic plants. In larger spaces, climate conditions like temperature and humidity fluctuate more. So even though 20ft containers are smaller than larger systems, they have extremely stable environments.

Lower Operational Costs

From power to water, nutrients and growing media, compact container farms cost less to operate than a larger system. While it’s not always half of what’s used in larger farm, there are lower operating costs across the board in a 20ft system than a 40ft system.

Lettuce growing in a compact hydroponics farm.
Growers can develop a variety of crops in compact hydroponics systems. Whether growers cultivate fruit or vegetables, they appreciate the climate-control advantages of smaller systems.

Do Specific Plants Grow Better in a 20ft Container Farm?

While plants grow well in any hydroponic system, there are specific plants that may uniquely benefit from the previously mentioned advantages of compact hydroponics.

Take Saffron, for example. Harvested from the stigmas of the Crocus flower, Saffron is incredibly sensitive to climate changes. It is commonly cultivated in hydroponics because of its high value and low water requirements.

Compact hydroponics systems ensure that the indoor climate conditions can be precisely calibrated to the needs of the Crocus flower, through every life stage. Because smaller spaces are easier to climate control, 20ft container farms provide incredible value to farmers cultivating hydroponic produce.

A crocus flower with saffron stigma.
Saffron grows in hot and dry climates, but can be grown anywhere in the world with a climate-controlled hydroponic farm.

Who Are Compact Hydroponics Systems For?

While there are plenty of circumstances that a compact container farm makes sense for, there are specific instances where they truly shine. Here’s a few circumstances where 20ft containers can provide value:

Farmers That Need a Nursery

Some farmers like to grow seedlings in a hydroponic system before transitioning to traditional soil-based growing. This helps build resilience in young plants and eliminates crop loss due to environmental effects.

Hydroponic container farms allow farmers to meet the needs of their plants at a faster rate. This is because hydroponics cultivates crops directly in nutrient-rich water, allowing them to grow quickly during the earliest stage of development.

Crops like melons, peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, berries and more can all benefit from this, boosting their growth and improving their ability to endure environmental hardship later in their lifespan.

Compact container farms are great for farmers that want to grow seedlings in this way or try their hand at hydroponic production.

Growers That Have Limited Space

Some growers are limited by space constraints and can’t easily accommodate a larger farm. 20ft container farms are great for this purpose, as their compact footprint easily fits on almost anywhere. Container farms can be located on-site, where produce is needed, providing restaurants and community kitchens with the freshest ingredients.

A 20ft container farm is just 2 feet longer than a standard parking space, which gives you a good idea of just how compact these farms are. They’re incredibly versatile and fit in places where other farms can’t.

They’re also a great system for urban farming, allowing operators to move between different locations, which can be great for growers with unstable property leases or those that may move locations to meet customer’s produce demands.

Schools That Teach Students STEM Skills

In addition to farmers and growers, 20ft container farms are effective tools for teaching the next generation critical STEM skills, including lessons about plant cultivation, the scientific method, business plans and more.

They offer enough space for 10 to 15 students to fit in at once but are manageable enough for a small team to maintain with a few hours of work a week.

20ft containers may even be the future of school gardens, providing students and teachers with a variety of ways to learn more about plant biology and the evolving business of agriculture.

Strawberries develop in a hydroponic container farm.
Strawberries are an excellent choice for compact hydroponics because they’re sensitive to climate condition changes, and benefit from the precise climate controls of smaller systems.

What Environments May Be Better for a 20ft Container Farm?

Compact hydroponics systems may be better in specific climates. For instance, when dealing with humid climates, humidifiers in larger systems must work harder to ensure a stable environment.

In circumstances where the humidity is consistently above 60% (meaning there’s lots of moisture in the air), compact systems like 20ft container farms maintain a more consistent internal climate than larger hydroponic systems.


In conclusion, compact hydroponics systems from Pure Greens offer a unique and valuable solution for a variety of growers. Whether you’re a farmer needing a nursery, a grower with limited space, or an educator teaching STEM skills, these compact systems provide a stable, easily movable and cost-effective environment for hydroponic cultivation.

They are particularly beneficial for growing sensitive plants like Saffron that require precise climate control. Moreover, they are an excellent choice for humid climates where maintaining a consistent internal environment can be challenging.

So, if you’re considering hydroponic farming, don’t overlook the potential of our 20ft container farms. They might just be the perfect fit for your specific needs.

Curious about what’s possible with hydroponic cultivation? Talk with us at Pure Greens, and we can answer your questions and point you in the direction of a system that can meet your unique needs.

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