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8 Reasons Why Box Container Gardens are the Right Choice

Container farms, box container gardens, and boxcar farms all refer to an innovative, sustainable method of farming: Refrigerated ISO shipping containers that have been repurposed into indoor farms.

Box container gardens typically use vertical farming techniques to grow herbs, vegetables, flowers, and other plants in a small space.

Vertical farms grow plants in stacks or columns rather than traditional rows. This allows more crops to be cultivated in smaller areas.

Vertical farms and box container gardens often use hydroponic systems for growing.

Hydroponics is a water-based system, using nutrient solution to promote plant growth rather than soil. 

These gardens are a modern alternative to field farming, using ever-improving technology to create perfect growing conditions.

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the benefits of box container gardens.

No Assembly Required

Box container gardens, like our Pure Greens container farms, come equipped and ready for growing.

Our containers are tailored for crop cultivation and are designed with nutrient film technique (NFT) or deep flow technique (DFT) hydroponic systems. As a result, all you need are energy and water sources and crop specific materials like seeds to get your container farm set up.

CEA Tech

Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) technology, allows the farmer full control over the growing environment.

Box container gardens are perfect for CEA because they’re isolated, indoor spaces designated specifically for growing plants. CEA is able to create perfect growing conditions for plants, leading to more consistent and year-round growth.

Big Harvests

They also provide hefty harvests.

Using vertical and hydroponic farming techniques, container farms can provide higher yields per square foot than soil-based farming. Depending on the crop, these farms can produce up to 400 pounds of leafy greens per month!

Fresh produce from a vertical farm

Conserve Water

Another benefit is water conservation.

In general, hydroponic systems use only 1/10th the amount of water that traditional field farming requires. Container farms use only about five gallons of water every day for the entire system.

No Weather

Because of the indoor nature of box container gardens, farmers need not worry about weather.

Unpredictable weather can destroy field crops, leaving farmers with only half of what they planted. With container farms, crops are guaranteed to be protected against damaging weather.

Grow Anytime, Anywhere

Container gardens don’t restrict the time or place you can grow certain crops.

With the use of CEA technology, you can grow crops that are out of season or grow best in a different climate. This allows you to fill holes in market demand that traditional field farms have trouble filling.

Fewer Chemicals

Because these gardens use highly controlled, indoor systems, there’s a lower risk of pest infestations and no chance of weeds.

No pests and weeds mean there’s no need for pesticides or herbicides. As a result, produce is healthier and safer for humans to eat!

Move Easily

At their most basic, box container gardens are still shipping containers. Therefore, it’s easy to transport them across town, country, or even world!

This means that you can take your business to your customers. Or if you ever need to move, you don’t need to start your garden over.

Now that you know about box container gardens, you can start your own!

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