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6 of the Best Businesses for Starting a Container Farm

You don’t have to be a farmer to start a container farm. They make great additions to businesses too!

Beyond growing healthy and sustainable food, container farms also offer opportunities for attracting new patrons and adding unique features to your current business.

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the best businesses for starting a container farm.


Container farms bring a lot of great advantages to colleges.

That’s why so many colleges around the country have already started their own!

Colleges use them to create new educational programs, function as research labs and feed students and faculty to name a few.

With so many potential uses, container farms open a world of possibilities for colleges.

Private Schools

Like colleges, container farms open a lot of possibilities for private schools, including all grade levels.

The benefits of farm-to-school programs, have been documented extensively.

When schools start container farming for themselves, they’re able to quickly and efficiently start their own farm-to-school program.

All while adding unique features, like extensive hands-on learning opportunities, to attract new students and generate additional revenue.

Resorts and Hotels

Resorts and hotels across the world, have already discovered the benefits of installing hydroponic farms.

Container farms allow resorts and hotels to enhance their dining options, providing a truly memorable experience for their guests.

Since your chefs will be able to handpick ingredients minutes before crafting a dish, your food will be flavored with the freshest ingredients possible.

Plus, the eco-friendly benefits that come with container farms, are a strong selling point for attracting like-minded guests.

Grocery Stores

When grocery stores start container farming, they’re able to grow their own food in a safe and sustainable way!

As a result, grocery stores will attract new customers, who prefer local and sustainable foods.

It also allows the store to expand its selection, offering out of season, exotic and luxury crops.

Both of these increase revenues by charging higher prices for these new products and selling more food!

Senior Living Communities

Container farms benefit both the senior living community itself and its residents!

When the community grows its own food, it doesn’t have to spend as much money as before to feed the residents.

At the same time, it provides an opportunity to make extra income by selling the produce.

Additionally, seniors living in the community have access to tastier and healthier food.

This makes them improve their quality of life and helps you attract new residents.

Plus, it gives you the ability to easily offer horticultural therapy, which has tons of great benefits for seniors.


Container farms allow restaurants to hop on one of the biggest trends: locally grown food.

When restaurants use a container farm for locally grown food, chefs can harvest and use ingredients on demand, serving the freshest food possible.

Plus, container farms make it easy to grow herbs, and other produce, that are not readily available in the area.

As a result, chefs have more options for creativity when crafting menus, producing delicious meals they otherwise wouldn’t be able to create.

If you operate one or more of these businesses, it’s time to start a container farm!

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