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6 Benefits of Going Green with a Container Farm for Your Business

Going green will benefit your business in many ways, and container farms are a great way to do it!

One of the best parts about container farms is how eco-friendly they are.

They have a smaller impact on the environment than conventional farming methods.

For example, they use 10 times less water as traditional field farming, because they capture and reuse any extra water.

Plus, they don’t use any chemical pesticides, which are dangerous to soil, water supplies and wildlife.

When your business starts a container farm, it automatically becomes greener!

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the benefits of going green with a container farm for your business.

Improve your brand

Whether your brand has a positive or negative image, going green with a container farm will improve it!

Most customers prefer sustainable brands.

So, becoming a sustainable brand will help you look better to most customers!

Plus, if you feed your employees produce from your container farm, it shows that you value your staff’s health and wellness.

Making your staff feel valued helps them represent your company more positively.

Plus, it lets customers who share those values feel more comfortable doing business with you.

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Attract new customers

In addition to improving your brand, you will attract new customers when you become more sustainable.

More than two thirds of American consumers consider sustainability when making a purchase and are willing to pay more for sustainable products.

And almost 75% of millennials are willing to pay more for products that come from businesses that try to be more sustainable.

So, when you become sustainable, customers will be more willing to do business with you.

Join the local food movement

When you go green with a container farm, you get to join the local food movement.

The local food movement connects food producers and consumers in the same geographic region.

The goal is to develop self-reliant and resilient food networks, improve local economies and help the health, environment, and community of the area.

Joining the local food movement, opens the opportunity for attracting even more customers.

A recent Nielsen study, found buying local is a top priority for 46% of American consumers.

Save money

If you’ve been buying imported food for your current onsite dining options, you’ll save money by growing it yourself.

Did you know 87% of imported tomatoes, the second most consumed vegetable in the US, come from Mexico?

That means one tomato travels about 1,886 miles, from Mexico City to Washington D.C., assuming no detours.

When you grow your food onsite, you don’t have to pay for international transportation, saving you money.

All while improving your food quality by using the freshest, most nutritious produce possible!

Keep employees happy and productive

Going green with a container farm gives you the opportunity to increase access to healthy food for your employees.

When you use your container farm to provide healthy food for your staff, they become happier and more productive.

A 2017 study showed, that employees who ate more fruits and veggies, were 20% more productive and absent 27% less often.

And a 2015 study showed, that eating more fruits and veggies made people happier and more creative.

Plus, not encouraging health and wellness can have a negative effect on productivity.

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Make a difference

In addition to helping the environment, going green with a container farm also helps your business make a difference in your community.

You could provide employment for people who usually struggle to find jobs, donate leftover food to shelters and offer educational opportunities to local schools.

It doesn’t have to be something you do every day, or even every month.

Even offering tours of your sustainable farm, encourages others to be more mindful about the environmental impact of their dietary choices.

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As you can see, going green with a container farm will help your business in many ways.

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