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9 Benefits of Container Farms for Colleges

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From Georgia Tech to Stony Brook University, colleges around the country have received many benefits from installing container farms on campus.

In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of container farms for colleges. 

Prepares Students for Careers 

A container farm starts your students on the path of their future career.  

Students can use the container farm to prepare for a variety of different fields.  

Farming, agronomy, sustainability, engineering, business and more can all be explored through a container farm.  

Encourages Healthy Eating  

Having fresh campus-grown vegetables easily accessible on campus encourages students to eat healthier.  

Plus, when students work in the container farm, they will want to try the fruits of their labor.  

Once your students discover how great farm fresh food tastes, they’ll be more likely to eat it again and again.  

Enhance Your Curriculum

You can add so many hands-on learning experiences for students when you have a container farm on campus.  

Your container farm can be used for class activities or after school clubs.  

It’s also perfect as a research lab for case studies and experiments! 

Serve Healthier Food 

When you use your container farm to supply food for your dining halls and cafeterias, you’ll be improving your food’s quality!  

Container farms let you serve the freshest food possible since you’re able to harvest as you need it.  

Plus, since you don’t have to harvest it early for shipping, your produce will have a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals than food you buy elsewhere.  

Lower Your Food Costs 

When you’re growing your own food, you don’t have to pay for a farm across the country (or world) to ship it to you!  

While a container farm can’t replace all of your produce needs, it works great as a supplement for common leafy greens like lettuce.  

You can also use it to grow harder to find produce, like microgreens or exotic herbs, so you don’t have to spend the money to purchase them from elsewhere.  

Attract New Students 

A container farm is also a fantastic recruiting tool.  

It will help you attract students who want to study subjects such as farming, agronomy and food science. 

And it’ll help you attract new students who prioritize healthy eating.  

In fact, 56% of college aged adults think it’s important to eat healthy and pay attention to nutrition! 

Improve Mental Health 

Students who work in the container farm will have improved mental health as well.  

This is because plants reduce physiological symptoms of stress, such as low energy, upset stomachs and chest pain. 

And studies show the colors, textures, smells and sounds that come from working around nature, stimulates our attention spans, making it easier to focus on tasks.  

Improve Food Security 

Your container farm also gives you an opportunity to help students who live in food insecure households.  

Donate some of the produce to students who need it to make sure they have access to healthy food.  

This not only helps your students, but also helps your reputation.  

Go Green 

Container farming uses 90% less water and 100% less soil and pesticides.   

Since we’re facing widespread water and land shortages, and pesticides are dangerous, container farms are an environmentally friendly choice!  

This makes your college much more attractive to eco-conscious students and donors.  

Do you want to save money on food, attract top talent, provide unique learning experiences and join the ranks of top schools like Georgia Tech? 

You can achieve all that and more by adding a Pure Greens Container Farm to your college campus.  

If you have questions or need more info, one of our knowledgeable farming experts will help! 

Simply visit and fill out a contact form so our experts can give you a call.  

We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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