As people spend more time at home, they’ve started to rethink their living spaces, hobbies and diets.

Gardening is quickly emerging as a viable option for all three of those, offering décor, physical activity and healthy food all at once.

As a result, farming and other plant-related Instagram influencers saw surges in follower counts this summer.

If you want to hop on the trend, we previously published a list of 30 Farming Instagram Accounts to Follow. And we’ll introduce you to 10 more in this article.

Farming Instagram Account Carmel Bella Farm

1. Carmel Bella Farm, @carmelbellafarm

Carmel Bella Farm’s Instagram is a rainbow of vibrant photos of its harvests, which include many varieties of fruits veggies like peppers and tomatoes.

She even runs an online seed shop through the farm’s website, where she sells seeds from the season’s organic harvests.

Farming Instagram Account Charles Dowding

2. Charles Dowding, @charles_dowding

Charles Dowding is a writer and farmer who runs online gardening classes and posts in-depth explanations and tips on his website.

He mostly posts photos of his outdoor and greenhouse crops, with informational videos showcasing certain crops.

Farming Instagram Account Craig Milran

3. Craig Milran, @craigmilran

Craig is an indoor gardener who focuses on cultivating houseplants, often showing them as part of his décor.

His pictures are typically minimalist and feature one plant at a time, with captions detailing what makes that plant special.

4. Darryl Cheng, @houseplantjournal

Darryl is another houseplant gardener and the author of The New Plant Parent, a book that details the best ways to care for houseplants.

He mostly posts pictures of his own houseplants, with captions detailing their growth progress and answering frequently asked questions.

Farming Instagram Account Finch and Folly

5. Finch and Folly, @finchandfolly

Allison of Finch and Folly is an organic gardener in Maine, who posts beautifully vibrant photos of her harvests.

She often includes long detailed captions that explain the ups and downs of plant care and posts tips and tutorials in her stories.

6. Freckles and Sprouts, @frecklesandsprouts

Freckles and Sprouts is another Instagram account ran by a homesteader.

Katie grows all sorts of veggies (and chickens) in her backyard and posts colorful photos of her fresh harvests, with captions full of helpful suggestions.

7. Growing Back to Eden, @growingbacktoeden

Growing Back to Eden is ran by Nick, a homesteader who frequently promotes living off the land ideals.

In addition to pictures of freshly harvested veggies, he often shows off his huge turkey, Buddy, and cage-free chickens.

8. Growing in the Garden,

Angela, the woman behind Growing in the Garden, runs a YouTube channel and website to teach people about organic gardening in Arizona.

She often posts photos of her garden beds and close-ups of produce, with tips for caring for plants in desert climates.

9. Mim Hatcher, @mimscuisine

Mim is an Australian gardener who not only publishes photos of her freshly harvested produce, but also of all the food she makes with them!

Her Instagram is full of color and often features some unusual crops, like chocolate bell peppers.

10. Timothy Hammond, @bigcitygardener

Of the influencers on this list, Timothy’s Instagram posts take on the most educational approach to growing plants.

In addition to posting pictures of his crops, he also posts colorful and illustrated lists, covering topics like beneficial insects, fall crops and motivational advice.

When you follow these farming Instagram accounts, your feed will be full of farming inspiration, to motivate you through your own journey.

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