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10 Best Microgreens to Grow in Containers

best microgreens to grow in containers

Whether you’re growing them to make money or to consume them, microgreens are quick and easy to grow in containers.

In this article, you’ll learn the 10 best microgreens to grow in containers.


Arugula microgreens have a peppery flavor that make them great for salads, eggs, and sandwiches.

They also grow quickly, germinating within two days and ready to harvest in as little as 10 days!

Plus, arugula microgreens contain eight times the calcium, five times the vitamins, and four times the iron as iceberg lettuce!


Beets take longer to grow than other microgreens, but their mild earthy flavor make them well worth the wait!

Beet microgreens are vivid red, making them the perfect way to add color to salads.

Before planting, soak the seeds for about eight hours in cold water and then sow them in a thick layer.


Broccoli microgreens are one of the most nutritious options, with one study suggesting they have the power to decrease malnutrition.

They’re also one of the fastest growing varieties, as they’ll be ready to harvest in as little as six days!

Unlike most other microgreens, the best time to harvest broccoli microgreens, is before their first true leaves form.


Collard microgreens have a strong flavor, sometimes even more intense than the fully grown vegetable!

Plus, they grow quickly and will be ready for harvest in only 10 days.

Use these thick microgreens as a flavorful addition to salads and sandwiches.


In microgreen form, kale tastes more like romaine or leaf lettuce, than it’s fully-grown flavor.

Kale microgreens contain four times the nutrients as it does when it’s an adult, so it’s extra healthy too!

Plus, they store well, lasting about a week in the refrigerator—just make sure to keep them dry.


Pea microgreens are great to grow in containers because they regrow after harvest!

This means you won’t need to keep replanting every couple weeks.

Plus, they have eight times the folic acid of bean sprouts, which is an important vitamin for young women.


Like broccoli, radishes are one of the fastest growing microgreens and ready to harvest in as little as six days.

They taste great too, with the same crisp spicy flavor that mature radishes are famous for.

Plus, opal and green daikon varieties have especially high concentrations of vitamin E, which helps slow cell damage.

Red cabbage

With their purple coloring, red cabbage microgreens look as good as they taste.

They’re also one of the most nutritious microgreen options.

One study showed they have the potential to lower cholesterol, and another study showed they have 280 times more vitamin A than mature cabbages.


Sunflower microgreens are the most popular microgreens.

They are rich in protein and vitamin B and add a slightly sweet taste to any dish.

For the strongest flavor and healthiest plants, use seeds from the black oil variety.


Wheatgrass is the microgreen version of the common wheat crop.

And like peas, the shoots will continue to grow after harvest, so you can keep on growing without replanting!

This superfood is most commonly used in juice and smoothies, but it goes great in sauces and soups as well.

These 10 microgreens grow in containers so well, it’d be hard to mess it up! 

For ideas of how to eat your fresh microgreens, check out our article, “3 Drool Worthy Microgreen Recipes That Aren’t Salads.”

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