Following agriculture influencers on Instagram, is a great way to connect with the online farm community for inspiration, tips and stunning visuals.

Whether you daydream about running your own farm one day, or you already have one, these 10 agriculture influencers on Instagram have content for you!

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Adam Henson, @adamhenson_

Adam is a farmer, author and TV personality. His family farm grows winter barley, wheat, rapeseed and beans and raises, more than 50 breeds of rare and commercial farmyard animals.

Henson’s Instagram is full of adorable photos of his farm animals, including newborn lambs, herding dogs and big bulls.

Becky Porter, @theseasonalhomestead

Becky is a gardener turned homesteader, who uses her Instagram, blog and YouTube channel to encourage more people to become more self-sufficient with their food.

Her Instagram is made up of close-ups of her gorgeous produce, with captions detailing her recommendations, progress, and struggles.

Ben Andrews, @bentheoandrews

Ben was born into farm life. Today, he works with his parents on his family’s farm, first started by his grandfather.

Ben’s Instagram posts give a glimpse into the daily life of a farmer, with videos of the harvesting process as well as explanations of why the farm makes certain choices.

Blair Prenoveau, @startafarm

Blair started farming in her early twenties, by working on farms in Hawaii and California before eventually starting her own.

Now, Blair uses her Instagram to shed light on being a solo female farmer and mother, by sharing photos of her crops, animals, and children, with honest descriptions of farm life.

Hannah Jackson, @redshepherdess

This influencer is a contract shepherdess, meaning she works on short and long term contracts shepherding cattle and sheep at a number of farms.

The biggest subjects of Hannah’s Instagram account are her shepherding dogs and the many other animals she works with.

Hilary Kearney, @girlnextdoorhoney

As her username suggests, Hilary is a beekeeper, and her Instagram account focuses on all things bees!

Hilary’s gorgeous close-up shots of bees and informational captions will bring some beauty and learning to your Instagram feed.

Jess and Brian Powers, @workinghandsfarm

Jess and Brian run a small organic farm called Working Hands Farm, which makes its profit through its community supported agriculture (CSA) program.

Their Instagram is full of freshly harvested and growing food as well as CSA news and season updates.

Kyle Hagerty, @urbanfarmstead

Kyle is an urban farmer, firefighter and YouTuber. His YouTube channel is full of helpful gardening tutorials and DIY projects.

On Instagram, Kyle posts closeup shots of his beautiful produce and plants with related information in the captions.

Niki Irving, @flourishflowerfarm

Niki owns and operates Flourish Flower Farm. As a farmer and florist, she harvests and arranges flowers the same day that they’re due to be delivered, for the freshest arrangements.

Her Instagram is bright and colorful, with beautiful flowers at the center of every post.

Urban Veggie Patch, @urbanveggiepatch

The Urban Veggie Patch account is ran by an Australian stay at home mom, who documents her backyard gardening experience through her Instagram.

Her colorful account is full of fruits, flowers and vegetables and her captions often provide helpful gardening tips and tricks.

When you follow these 10 agriculture influencers on Instagram, you’ll have the right inspiration and advice to get you started on your own.

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