Pure Greens Container Farms

Pure Greens Container Farms are fully assembled vertical container farms, built in 40 ft. insulated Shipping Containers. Pure Greens Container Farms are fabricated and specifically designed to provide a sustainable growing environment capable of producing in all climates.

About Us

Based in Phoenix, AZ, Pure Greens has 23 years of experience with fabricating high-end modified Shipping Containers. Our staff includes experienced Metal Fabricators, Electricians, Horticulturists, Civil and Mechanical Engineers and Project Managers.


Pure Greens Container Farms come equipped with multiple tiers of DFT Trays, A Fully Automated Control System, Entry Vestibule, and HVAC. Units can come with a Chassis (for users requiring a Mobile Farm) or can be set directly on the ground.


Pure Greens currently offers herbs, leafy greens, and micro greens direct to Restaurants in the Phoenix, AZ area.

14 lbs. of Kale in 1 Hour!

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About Us

Pure Greens maintains a 90,000 sq ft. fabrication center in Phoenix, AZ and is an industry leader in container-based growing systems that offer a variety of interior layouts, sizes and options.

A Farm in a Container

Pure Greens Container Farms are fully assembled vertical hydroponic grow systems built in 40 Ft. insulated Shipping Containers.

Business Hours


8am - 5pm