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Take control of your hydroponic, vertical farming with Pure Greens Container Farms. Choose one of our pre-designed automated farms for faster delivery or customize to create the exact indoor farm you need. The possibilities are endless.


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Pure Greens Container Farms are innovating modern farming. Our containerized hydroponic grow systems expand the possibilities of agriculture, allowing you to cultivate fresh and local produce in under-utilized spaces, such as alleyways, parking lots or damaged land.

An innovative solution to all your container farming needs

Your Pure Greens Container Farm can be customized to your exact specifications in our dedicated 90,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility. No other container farm manufacturer matches our centuries of combined experience in specialty shipping container modifications and design.


Why Choose Container Farms



Pure Greens Container Farms conserve up to 90% more water than traditional farming using recirculating hydroponic systems. Instead of soil, you’ll feed your crops a nutrient-rich water solution, helping them grow bigger and faster while preserving scarce water supplies.

Consistent Lighting
Every Day

High output, low energy LED lights and fully automated environmental control give you the ability to grow crops in your Pure Greens Container Farm at any time, in any place.

Pure Greens spinach.

Perfect Growing Environment

Grow any time, anywhere all year long in our weatherproof container farms. As long as you can connect your farm to water and electricity, you’ll be able to grow crops in the perfect growing environment no matter the season or your location, from urban cities to barren deserts or frozen tundra.

Complete Environmental Control

Reduce your workload by setting your farm to automatically operate everything, from the growing environment to lighting, nutrient schedules and more, all from your computer or mobile devices. Monitor and adjust carbon dioxide levels, air temperature, water temperature, lighting, reservoir pH, nutrient solution and humidity to your specifications to create the perfect growing environment.

PureGreens Environmental Control
PureGreens Higher Yeilds

Higher Yields

Pure Greens Container Farms’ hydroponic systems, artificial lighting and complete environmental control all come together to minimize crop losses and maximize growth, providing you bigger yields and greater taste than conventional soil agriculture. Plus, depending on your crop type and rotation, you can harvest your crops more frequently when you choose a Pure Greens Container Farm.

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